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6 Reasons why you should go for a professional WordPress developer for the website redesign

Out of a majority of website platforms, you can use today; there is no doubt WordPress is the most reliable and fastest among all of them. The open-source software provides a myriad to robust and straightforward tools to help you generate a mildly aesthetic yet highly functional website, and that too in minutes. Moreover, as per a statistical analysis posted by W3techs, the open-source platform dominates 58.55% of global market share! You may need to redesign your website to WordPress but you should always go for a professional developer for this.

By just installing the content management system, you will be able to adjust and edit a slew of components to build your website in line with your specifications. Moreover, WordPress comprises of plugins and tools that can help your digital marketing strategies, augmenting the growth of your company.

Some overriding benefits of generating a WordPress website

  • WordPress is famous for a slew of versatile and agile web tools companies can use to manage and integrate their content. It is more than just an open-source software; it is designed with a bare minimum learning curve, is simple to install, has a variety of updates, loads of plugins, and smooth database management.
  • WordPress also provides a plethora of industry-specific, free website themes you can select and base your original idea on.
  • The installation process is simple, and its execution is even easier.
  • There are plenty of add-ons you can incorporate in your WordPress website; these are tools that can help optimize and enhance your site, boosting its user-experience. There are tools such as RSS feeds, Google Analytics, newsletters, etc. that you can integrate.
  • When it comes to basic web design, WordPress has a zerolearning curve. That means you don't have to be a developer to generate a simple website. However, if you are looking to create an in-depth, highly optimized and user-friendly web design, or want to redesign on your site on WP, then it is wise to opt for an experienced and qualified WordPress developer.

The significance and relevance of choosing a WP developer for your website design/redesign

1. WP developers are pros

As much as WordPress is simple to execute, there are still plenty of components of the platform that are not everybody's cup of tea. Even though the interface is easy to understand and use, there are a variety of tools, add-ons, plugins, and software that a lot of people, both mildly technical and non-technical people struggle with. You see, just building a website won't do anything for your marketing; there are a variety of factors that go into designing or redesigning a highly aesthetic and functional website on WordPress.

And to be completely honest, this is something you should not be embarrassed about. There are many business owners that do not come from a technical background. However, if you face a similar scenario, there is a straightforward fix for this kink, opt for a professional developer that specializes in WordPress.

Developers have been meticulously and constantly training and learning about the interface and code of the platform. And you would be surprised to know that they are still learning new things! Imagine attempting to build a house by just watching a couple of detailed and in-depth YouTube videos. You might be able to erect the four walls and a makeshift roof, but think about it - would willingly live there?

2. Developers are experts at website customizations

It is essential to understand that while WordPress does offer a plethora of website themes, it still highly probable that the theme you choose has to be customized or altered in some way or another. Moreover, every business has its very own unique set of specifications and design components that do not fit the generalities of WP themes; they are too generic and used by many other companies. The same goes with the extensions and plugins that come with the themes.

A developer with a WP background has the skills and vision required to write a custom website code and integrate streamlined, third-party plugins that are more effective. Out-of-the-box WP website templates and themes are too basic. They can generate the best idea for the website redesign.

3. You will never have to worry about meeting deadlines

When running things on your own, a lot of times, people don't understand the direction or approach they should take, they are unsure ofwhat they need to do. And what that does is a waste of time. You can be sure to trust the fact that with a professional on your back, you will not have to worry about wasting any time.

Developers work around tight schedules and are on-point with various aspects of WP website development. They have the means and the resources to play with and integrate different strategies to design a website that suits all your specifications.

When you do decide to partner with a WP developer, all you would have to do is have a precise and detailed discussion of all your requirements and the goals you have for the website. Based on the intensity of the requirements and the scope of the process, the developer will provide you with a realistic deadline.

4. Pure expertise

It is vital to understand that WP developers have worked on a plethora of projects, developing and designing WP website targeting a slew of different industries and niche businesses. So yeah, they know what they are doing. Their knowledge base, short cuts to complete several processes and experience is unparalleled. They know all about WP features, they will know what plugins and extensions will suit your website, and which won't.

5. Developers will always boost your website's optimization

Apart from working with a score of different WordPress tools, extensions, and plugins, developers also possess the aptitude and ability to integrate several other features to enhance your website's optimization. For instance, apart from developing your website, he will also focus on improving your site's SEO, helping you reel in more traffic.

Also, the developer will be able to integrate industry-standard web analytics tools and software. These will help you monitor and understand customer activity, frequency, and behavior on your website.

6. Focus on your brand

There is no doubt that your website's overall design or website redesign must be in line with your brand and embody its philosophy. Developers have the foresight to integrate features that will help your website reflect your brand identity. For example, they will embed features such as top-notch customer support software, a live chat feature, social plugins, calendar, etc.

So there you go - all the reasons you would ever need to go for a WP developer for an exceptional website design. You can use the Award Winning WP Themes for your website redesign.

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