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WooCommerce for Single Owner

Top Reasons to Choose WooCommerce for Single Owner Websites

Startups and SMBs always want an effective single owner website solution for their online store. WooCommerce is a clear winner out of the other contenders in the eCommerce industry. Now, let’s check why is this so?

E-commerce is a prospering sector, and thanks to the growing use of the mobile internet and shopping apps, this industry has witnessed a rapid growth. It becomes an urgency to have an eCommerce website for the businesses. Due to this fact, many owners have taken their traditional business to the online world, while some are still in the process to make a jump.

When it comes to the reasons why WooCommerce is the best solution for single owner websites, then there are many. Few of them are listed below:

WooCommerce is cost-effective

If you search for a WooCommerce development company, then you’ll find that it’s a WordPress development company in first place. Unlike Shopify and Magento, WooCommerce is not an independent platform.

It is essentially a plugin for WordPress that is used for bringing eCommerce feature and functionality into a WordPress site. Therefore, the valid term would be WooCommerce WordPress development if you want to opt for the WooCommerce store development.

We all know that WordPress is an open-source platform, and its source code is freely available. Similarly, WooCommerce carries a treasure of plugins, and the extensions are free of cost (mostly) that are required to set up an online store. You will find hundreds of beautiful WordPress Themes for your E-Commerce store.

WooCommerce is customizable

As mentioned before that WooCommerce has a set of plugins for eCommerce, this implies that you can easily add, delete, modify the features and functionality of WooCommerce.

WordPress itself is a storehouse of extensions and for customizing, you’re required to play with WordPress, but not with WooCommerce plugins. Thus, you have got an amazing chance to add innovative functionality and modules to your WooCommerce storefront.

Furthermore, the WooCommerce community regularly comes up with the new plugins that follows the latest trends. What you’re required to do is their integration into your existing WooCommerce site, and grab the robust features and functionality. It will surely give you an upper edge in the market.

WooCommerce has a large community of developers

The WordPress developers have made a strong foothold in the WooCommerce development services owing to an increased number of opportunities. Therefore, the WordPress developers are basically WooCommerce developers, who are contributing towards the community by sharing their knowledge with others.

WooCommerce sites may face trouble any time during its software lifecycle. But, with the WooCommerce community, the single merchant will help you in overcoming this problem at a reasonable cost. You will get an effective solution to any challenge you encounter with WooCommerce in the community.

WooCommerce offers solid security

Security is the main concern for an eCommerce website where confidential information of the shoppers and transactional history are saved. WooCommerce offers avant-garde security at every critical step of conversion, so there is no theft of data leakage at all.

It focuses mainly on the data security right from the user registration to checkout and payment process. WooCommerce is fully compatible with the latest security technologies and supports the encryption for ensuring safe data exchange during transactions. 

WooCommerce comes with analytics

The single owner websites require a rich dashboard at back-end with superior analytics capabilities. WooCommerce offers this with an incredible visual display capacity. It leverages the single WooCommerce merchant to analyze sales with several parameters.

With the help of analytics, the WooCommerce merchant will get hints about traffic related data that helps in formulating fruitful marketing strategies. It will also provide you useful insights about the conversion funnel and data necessary for enhancing the site performance and the conversion rate. 

WooCommerce is SEO-friendly

To get uninterrupted and quality traffic in this fierce competition is intimidating in absence of natural search ranking. Just like WordPress, WooCommerce is a SEO-friendly platform.

The single owner website merchants are not required to put extra efforts to achieve higher ranking in SERPs. Most of the technical SEO is tackled automatically while the development of WooCommerce store. It definitely reduces the burden of eCommerce merchants to a great extent.

WooCommerce manages store efficiently

WooCommerce can be set up easily with your WordPress back-end, and management of store becomes a hassle-free task with this platform. You can tackle the store with two tabs, i.e. WooCommerce + Products tab through which you can control the payment gateway, coupons, settings, plugins, and security options properly.

By using WooCommerce, you can enhance the beauty of your online store, integrate social media and valuable content with the store. In short, you can manage the entire store with an ease.

WooCommerce offers room for improvement

Since WooCommerce is an eCommerce platform, it provides expansion in terms of managing the store, products, and customers. For instance, the modification of the templates becomes simple- you have the options to use theme files or the hooks and filters to do so. WooCommerce has APIs ready that are required for developing extensions including extensive documentation library, so the users will get to know all the ins and out of the WooCommerce functionality. 

By considering all the above points, it is pretty safe to say that WooCommerce is the ideal platform for the single owner websites.

Summing Up

We have discussed some of the compelling reasons that make WooCommerce the best-suited option for the single owner websites. Therefore, building a highly customizable eCommerce website that is made as per your requirements is a challenging thing to do.

What you need the most is a reputed WooCommerce web development company with a solid portfolio in the WooCommerce development services. For this, you should do proper research online to find out the best names in this domain. With this, one thing is for sure that you will avail the top-notch development service for your eCommerce store.  

We hope that you will definitely like the idea of choosing the WooCommerce platform for your website, and you will make a switch to this platform soon. 

WooCommerce for Single Owner ?

Yes, you can manage your E-Commerce Site by WooCommercs as a Single Owner easily. You can find our Free WordPres Themes here at the WP official repository. All of our Themes are WooComemce Ready and maintained all WordPress coding standards.

Author : Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy is an efficient web developer at Sparx IT Solutions. He has worked on a number of eCommerce web development projects, and well-versed with the latest technologies in the tech world. With his write-ups, he assists the budding developers about the most effective development practices

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