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WordPress 4.4.1, Update Your Themes to the Latest Version

A WordPress security release, version 4.4.1, patches more than 50 problems, including a cross-site scripting vulnerability affecting versions 4.4 and earlier. You can find the List Here.

The patch fixes a total of 52 bugs, none considered critical, along with several non-security related updates including emoji support to include the latest characters, a fix to allow sites with older versions of OpenSSL to now communicate with other services and repairing an issue where a re-used blog post URL could be redirected to the wrong post.

The patch is being issued automatically so users with that function enabled on their system should have already received the update, otherwise the company is recommending users immediately go to the update site and download the changes.

Update your site with the Latest Version of D5 Creation Extended Themes

This WordPress update included some new functionalities. Some of Older Version D5 Creation Themes are showing an Error Notification in WordPress Dashboard if the WP Debug mode enabled for that site. The Error Notice is Like This;

/homepages/5/d292349076/htdocs/thecomputerdoctor/wp-content/themes/d5-business-line-extend/inc/includes/class-options-framework-admin.php on line 58

We have already fixed the issue for all of our Extended Themes and uploaded the New Version Themes in our Repository. Don't compare the version number. We have updated with the existing version numbers.

You can update the Themes easily. Please Log In to D5 Creation and download the Theme again from the Specific Theme Page. Then Update Your Theme in your site. This Tutorial may help you updating Themes. Please consider that Theme Update doesn't remove any of your contents, pages, menus, settings etc. if you don't make any changes in the Theme Files.

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