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What Makes WordPress a Better CMS than Drupal And Joomla

WordPress and Drupal have been competing to stand ahead of each other since their introduction as a popular Content Management System (CMS). Drupal launched in the year 2001 and WordPress in 2003 have their own strengths, capabilities, and functionalities which make them a better option when it comes to website creation and development. Despite being functionally advanced in terms of available themes, plugin, and other features, what makes one a better choice than the other depends on how their differences fit your business needs.


So, in order to decide upon your favorite CMS, you need to prioritize each of your website’s potential requirements to see which one is the best for your business. Supporting the functionalities of WordPress, I have listed below some important reasons which make WordPress a better choice than Drupal or any other Content Management System (CMS).


Themes and Plugins- WordPress Themes and Plugins come in a number of styles and designs out of which some are free and some are offered at different prices. This, in turn, provides the maximum number of options to customize your website. Customization allows you to design a website that fits your individual needs. WordPress has got approximately 37,000 plugins and a variety of free/premium themes. The utilization of these plugins makes WordPress websites flexible enough.


Requires Less Expensive Hosting- In general, a Drupal site requires a lot more server to serve each of its pages than a typical WordPress site. Those who choose WordPress for a higher traffic site will usually find they can serve more pages with the same server and for WordPress storage, requirements will be a little less as compared to Drupal.


WordPress is more than just a blogging platform- Gone are the days when WordPress was introduced as a blogging platform. With passing time, WordPress has emerged as a fully-featured Content Management System (CMS) and has been used to design websites which are flexible, adaptable and user-friendly in nature. On the other hand, it definitely makes it easy to work as a blogging platform. Drupal, on the other hand, does not incorporate this feature. So, if you are looking forward to head start with SEO, WordPress is the way to go for your website or blog.


WordPress is supported by the worldwide community- Being open source and freely available, WordPress is supported by the worldwide community of developers, users, and supporters. It is constantly updated with new functionalities, bug fixes, and security fixes.


WordPress is easy to use- One does not require any technical expertise to manage websites created on WordPress platform. Updating pages or blog posts is comparatively easier on a WordPress website. By featuring a user-friendly interface, WordPress websites offer easier navigation and effective functionality to address the needs of online consumers. Everything is organized in a logical manner which, in turn, makes it easy for website owners and consumers.


Encourages 2-way communication with site visitors- On one side when blog communication provides outbound ways to communicate with visitors having a “Contact Us” form on your website page induces inbound ways, thereby allowing two-way communication between you and your site visitors.


Easy Backup and Security Options- Easy to backup, WordPress also endows a large number of security plugins which are designed specifically to make websites secure as ever. WordPress is a great designing platform for all those who are looking for quick set up with low costs. WordPress works on a Linux based operating system which makes it even more secure and less susceptible to attack.


WordPress is optimized for mobile devices- WordPress offers the option to design websites which are cross-browser compatible and work on various mobile platforms. This leads to an increased mobility of your website. With WordPress, you don’t need to worry about your visibility or mobility. It is responsive to every kind of mobile device.


WordPress is extra friendly with search engines as compared to Drupal And Joomla- WordPress offers a two-way interaction to site visitors, which directly relates to its being highly indexed on search engines as compared to other CMS. This open source platform helps increase search engine rankings because it is designed with a clean coding structure and therefore, search engines can better understand the site, thereby offering a top position in SERP.


There are various themes available online provided by companies like D5 creation where you can find a great and exclusive collection of responsive wordpress themes in multiple versions. They are designed keeping in mind the latest coding and designing standards and can be tailored as per the requisites of your business.


There are multiple areas where WordPress leads as a powerful CMS platform, but irrespective of these areas, businesses need to work upon identifying their goals, targeted audiences and business requirements to choose one from the above.

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