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WordPress for Business Website

7 Reasons to Choose WordPress for Your Business Website

It's normal to feel nervous and hesitant while starting a new business, it is a new and a big step towards your dreams. But with little steps, you will be able to be a successful entrepreneur and one of the most essential steps for establishing your own business is to create a website. In this article we shall discuss on WordPress for Your Business Website.

In this digital world, it's necessary to have your business website with unique design and themes that could entice your customers, no matter what kind of business you have.

Whether the business is small or a big one, the one thing that is common it's your business website with unique content.

However, the problem is building a website can be gruelling at times, especially for those who have nothing to do with the technical world or software sites, and hiring professional website builders is out of budget, so what can you do where you have a website that has power to allure customers and won't cost you a fortune?

Well, the answer is-- use WordPress -- designing a site is confusing and time-consuming for even a tech-minded person, imagine how hard it will be for you, who might not have profound knowledge of the software world-- but with WordPress, that's not the problem, the design, themes and plugins of WordPress are something that you can rely on, even though you don't know about building a website.

With WordPress setting up a website is easier than you expect, it's functions are designed for users such as you who are new in this realm and want to reach your target market, so let's use WordPress to set up an exceptional website.

Though you might be wondering why WordPress, as in the market you will find several options to build a website, then why WordPress is one of the most popular hosting platforms in the software market? Let's find out the reasons why professionals tips to choose WordPress web hosting site over another Plugin website.

The first and foremost, reasons to choose this plugin website is, for more than a decade WordPress has been a no 1 choice for building a website. WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) worldwide and around 60% of the websites created using CMS are based on WordPress.

Apart from that 1 out of 5 websites at this point on the Internet are created by WordPress, so let's explore what is WordPress and why it's wise to choose the support of WordPress for your business website.

What Exactly Is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS), created to assist you in organizing and displaying the content on your site with suitable solutions regarding your product.

You can add several aspects to your website with a unique web design that will display the purpose of your product in the form of content, which comprises your social or business contact information, your blog posts and tutorial videos, explaining the functionality and services of your website.

7 Reasons to Choose WordPress for Your Business Website

Let say your website is an empty retail space. The Content Management System is the shelving and frames you installed to ensure the content of your site is arranged inevitably, easy to approach, and presented attractively.

As we said easier, there are several management systems that could work as web hosting websites but there are few reasons why business entrepreneurs prefer to use WordPress.

These 7 tips will help you to understand the reason why we install WordPress for our business.

#1 WordPress is free and open-source

The first reason why you need to pick WordPress among other websites is it's a completely free open-source content management platform. So, for creating a WordPress site you don't need money at all, a bit of knowledge regarding setting up and developing the functionalities with creating plugins, unique themes, add-ons, and you are all set to go.

Even with a minimum coding education and a bit of technical awareness to use the plugins, you will be ready to use a site developed by WordPress. The Content management system of WordPress offers robust analysis forums audited by several experts with a solution for every software problem of web development, themes of website, design, and optimization.

Also, small businesses working with a compulsion of hosting sites such as WordPress can make a big and a known web presence of their business with free of cost elements such as numbers of free themes and plugins.

#2 Easy To Use

WordPress is one of the easiest hosting platforms to use. The WordPress site comes with an admin dashboard to support the management team or a non-technical person to perform optimization of the site.

Within a couple of hours, the WordPress dashboard will give you some good ideas regarding the various options for plugins and optimization.

You will also find a few free blogs and videos to help you to learn WordPress in a short period.

#3 WordPress is SEO Friendly

WordPress is formulated using standard agreement high-quality code and provides semantic markup. In simple words, this means, Google and other search engines admire the website created by WordPress.

That means the site designed by WordPress has high chances of ranking in top positions, and your high position will likely let you gain more users.

The design of WordPress support SEO.  You can use WordPress SEO plugins for further optimization of your website. Professionals have few tips regarding using WordPress SEO for your business, learn them and apply them on your site. 

#4 WordPress is suitable for all business websites

Few hosting platforms purposely created for eCommerce, on the other hand, WordPress is extremely versatile and can create a website for every type of business. From online stores to estate enterprises, content association sites, professional services, construction and other trade sites to venues and events, or any other kind of business.

WordPress support several plugins that help you with specific features that you need to create a professional website. For instance, with the free and very beneficial WooCommerce plugin you can create online stores and another eCommerce site.

#5 Unparalleled functionality

A plugin is a part of the software that renders additional functionality of your WordPress website. When you use around 55,000 free plugins directly from the website’s dashboard, then you can add every imaginable type of feature to support your website, including:

  • Sales Services
  • Software and site security
  • eCommerce
  • Image optimization
  • Analytics
  • SEO
  • Email marketing, etc.

WordPress is the only one that provides several plugins, which are easy to use and install, no one can compete with WordPress in that aspect. 

#6 Easy Integration of Social Media

The use of social media in the software world is not limited to mingling with people for entertainment purposes only, it has transformed into a new marketplace.

In this digital platform, you can advertise your product without paying bags of money to an agent. You can sell your product and services using your own hosting website with a few marketing methods.

WordPress provides access to all the well-known social media platforms that helps you to integrate these handles effortlessly into your website.

With your own, you can build a website, promote it, sell the product, and all of these benefits are free of cost, isn't it an amazing time to build a site for us?

#7 High on Security and Safety

The last and most essential reason to choose this plugin is Security and Safety. WordPress is one of the world’s most successful platforms and hence it is designed to protect from attackers and hackers who might be harming your site by finding little loopholes and infiltrating the system.

However, with WordPress, you can relax and let WordPress take care of all security troubles and build essential robust security methods to tackle and ward the upcoming problems.

WordPress constantly modernises and repels attackers adding new features, so there is no stress for you to install them whenever there is a new update in features. 

Final Thoughts: WordPress for Business Website

Why we use WordPress for building a site is clear from these above reasons. And a recent report shows that around 34% of the world’s websites are developed with WordPress, and big-labelled brands use WordPress, such as:

  • Microsoft
  • BBC
  • Facebook
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Bloomberg and the list goes on

And if you are wondering why these companies use a free hosting website like WordPress, when they could certainly afford an adroit professional and hosting platform to design a site as they want. But the truth is, WordPress provides amazing features and capabilities for several things which is not possible on other platforms, but with WordPress, you have multiple choices and you can build whatever you desire for your business site. 

Author : Stephanie Donahole

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