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5 Ways to Strategize Your WordPress Website For Social Media

Social media is the new age hotspot for advertisers and marketers, For 2019, active social media count has been soaring to an amount of 3.484 billion with a growth rate of 9% for 2018-2019 period. The data itself makes social media an irresistible platform for advertisers and marketers. But, when it comes to your WordPress website, you need to strategize your website accordingly.

Strategizing for social media needs some research around social media trends, trending hashtags and other user behavior to know which strategy to prioritize. WordPress websites are now designed and structured for Search Engine Optimizations(SEO) and here social media can help your website generate the right traffic and an increasing number of visits to boost your rankings. There are several strategies that you can use and here are 5 of them to boost your SEO by social media through strategized WordPress website.

Content First Strategy:

When it comes to social media, most of the social media users are Millenials, 86%  of the total millennials population is on social media and uses it actively. With Millenials, content takes the center-stage as they want value and enriched content. So considering the content is the king your website should be designed accordingly.

WordPress Blogging

What happens is developers design websites with dummy content, this is not a bad practice, though it has its issues as the original text of the content is hard to fit in and last-minute design changes mess your design as a whole. So, why not adopt a strategy with content first. If you have not created content than you can create it with a vision about your expected content.

You can also use approaches like Proto-content, where you can use content similar to your expected content, reuse an existing content that can justify your new content, borrow a competitor's content or you may use a sample content to design the website and take the real content up to final layout. You can also perform a content audit to enlist all the content on your website and categorize them.

When your high-value content is complemented through a design around it, it will increase its chances for social media optimizations and will provide far better SEO.

Shareable Content:

When content is the king, it is important to create more and more shareable content for social media optimizations, The first and most important step to build a shareable content is by producing a high-quality visual appeal. Visual appeal for the content can be achieved by simple things like keeping the text portion divided into smaller paras and avoiding the chunk of text. You can also use styling and colors for enhancing visual appeal.

wordpress social media

Social media is a great platform for people to connect with their loved ones and like-minded people. This should be the key to your content. Your content should be people-centric and inclusive of people's interests. Keeping in mind the latest topics of discussions, trends, and points that can help you gain more traffic through the content of high value. This type of content generates more organic traffic from SEO and triggers people to click the share buttons. 

Social Media Plugins:

Social media plugins are those small additions to your Wordpress websites that can allow you to leverage the social media platforms and strategize your website accordingly. These are your website’s in-direct connection to a large pool of users and readers that can popularize your content. We already know that social media marketing is at its peak and there is no stopping to it. By using such ready-to-use plugins, the integration of social media becomes easy. Types of plugins you can use are:

Like Button: 

The plugin allows users to link your website pages to their Facebook account and then feed them into news feeds to be read by their friends, indirectly inviting their friends to visit the site.

Like Box Plugin:

It is a bigger version of a like button. It allows users to check several users that like the page and which of their friends like it. It allows them to read the post from the site without even liking the page.

Recommendation Plugin:

This button allows customization of pages on your website as per the user's Facebook profiles. The pages are chosen based on the social interaction of users with your website from the past and the pages visited the most.

Login Button Plugin:

This plugin allows users to know about their friends which are already on the site. It also allows users to use Facebook accounts for social to logins and does not ask users to register with a separate ID.

Live Stream Plugin:

This plugin allows users to share real-time information about events, activity, and comments related to your website

Comments Plugin:

This tool allows users to post comments to their Facebook page about your website, without having them leave your webpage.

Tweet plugins:

These plugins allow users to tweet your website's content on their respective twitter accounts. This will help users project

Tweet Cards:

A Tweet card would contain, a regular tweet, a featured image, author details, an excerpt, and an image gallery. This could be used to provide users with information regarding various tweets on your web pages.

Instagram Feeds Plugins:

There are several such plugins that can help users to follow the aforesaid content on the platform and also access the feeds and share the content as a feed.

Instagram Widgets:

Widgets can be customized by users to access images, feeds, hashtags and many more by choosing a widget plugin available free and paid on the WordPress.

There are several other plugins for Instagram and other social media platforms available both free and paid for social integration towards your WordPress website.

Social Links:

Social links are those links that allow, your WordPress websites to be connected directly with facebook pages and profiles for your website, through the social media icons. Many themes in WordPress provide the Social link menu, where you can add icons, remove them or customize the icons according to the design layout of your website.

wordpress social media

This menu also allows you to add social sharing links and icons to your promotional images and videos on the WordPress website. You can place the sharing links below a video or image, enabling the audiences to share the same at there social media platforms. You can also allow pop-ups of social media icons to allow social sharing through their social media accounts.

These social links can help people share your content with more people, in turn making the traffic on your website increase and popularize the content among larger audiences. This can have great impact on the SEO rankings and provide value for your content.

Concluding Thought:

Social Media is a growing consortium of modern thinkers, artists, writers, and intellectuals too. This can be leveraged for your content as the more you create unique content, more these intellectuals will share your content. They say sharing is caring and for your WordPress website sharing is soaring- your SEO and traffic on the website.

So, while you work hard to create unique and high-value content, be sure to have social media strategy ready for your WordPress website, the above five are proven strategies that can help you achieve good SEO and great ranking boost. So, take on to your whiteboard and strategize your website for social media.

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