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Why WordPress.org Themes Are Better Than Commercial Marketplace Themes

WordPress themes have been gaining all the praises for their better functionality and efficiency than other counterparts in the similar category. WordPress, as the leading CMS, offers a pool of WordPress themes that have made the website development an easy task. WordPress is easier to understand and to work on, but this is a different aspect. In this post, we are going to describe the facts that have made WordPress themes better than commercial marketplaces themes.


There are plenty of differences between the themes that come from these two different sources. WordPress themes have robust features; they are functional in approach and are available for almost every possible task that is required to make a post engaging, rank higher and be more visible to the audience. WordPress themes are unique because of the strict theme review process they undergo before being published in the repository.


D5 Creation's themes maintain the coding standards that have been set by the WordPress so that they could easily get featured at WordPress.org theme repository. While doing a theme check, the “theme check plugin” will not showcase any red mark warning and other such issues with the D5 Creation themes.


Moving back to the topic; here is a glimpse of how theme review process goes in WordPress.org:

Before a theme is uploaded over WordPress repository, it goes through quality checks and follows the process as written below.


  • While the theme is uploaded, it goes to theme queue and allocated to the reviewer for further revision.
  • A review checking is done to note down the recommendations if required. Revision, if required, is added to theme ticket.
  • The ticket is reviewed and if the issues are found genuine, the theme (for which the ticket is generated) is not approved and is left open for the updates.
  • In case, the theme ticket does not get any update from the theme author within 7 days, it is closed because of inactivity
  • In case, the theme reviewer does not update the theme, it is given to the new reviewer.
  • After the theme goes under all the required checks, it is approved for going live.
  • Before the theme goes live, it is reviewed once again. The live theme is then featured on the WordPress.org.


This quality check theme review of each and every WordPress website ensures the effectivity of the themes much more than the commercial marketplace theme. Coming back to the question of how WordPress themes are way better than the commercial marketplace themes find the answer in the following manner.


WordPress themes are independent

The statement “WordPress themes are independent” suggests that they are not dependent on plugins. On the other hand, most of the marketplace themes are dependent on the plugins in a way or two. Marketplace themes need the dependency on various plugins for the features like featured box, slide, portfolio, etc. WordPress themes have not any such dependency and thus, can be utilized independently.


WordPress themes are updated regularly

The best thing about WordPress themes is that they are reviewed regularly and also added with new and better functionality. It thus ensures the users that the themes have the latest functionality and can be used for accomplishing the task they have been designed for. The updates are done to boost up the better features in the plugins.


Extended review check of WordPress themes

As it has been explained above, review check is done completely before a theme is going to get alive on the WordPress.org. There is a set of certain tests which are being done to ensure the quality and standards of the themes. Marketplace themes, on the other hand, are also built keeping quality in the mind. However, for extended review check, there is no such vast community as WordPress is having.


WordPress themes are simple and effective

Simple in their design but quite rich in the functionality is all that WordPress themes are known for. This offers a more reliable reason to the users and the developers to consider these themes against their marketplace counterpart. Thus, themes that are rich in functionality are also going to perform the related task in a much efficient way.



With all these points of comparison between the themes from WordPress.org and those of the marketplace themes, one more is the coding standards of WordPress.org themes. WordPress has been following the strict coding standards and it is more than essential for the themes to be built as per the guidelines prescribed. Failure in the required coding standards would result in the failure of the theme to get published in the WordPress repository.

Author : Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy has been working for many years as WordPress Developer at Sparx IT Solutions and keeps on researching on the effectivity of the WordPress. He keeps researching and sharing the information with the audience through engaging blogs

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