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5 Tips to Make your WordPress Website Mobile Friendly

Mobile web is continuing to leave past desktop web. Naturally, it is important for webmasters of website development companies to consider design primarily for mobile users. If you have a WordPress website converting the experience for mobile audience requires a few important considerations. When it comes to customer centric web development and design there are a lot of tools to make WordPress websites optimized for audience browsing on their handheld device. Here we are going to introduce 10 most crucial tips to make your WordPress website mobile friendly.


1. Choose a perfect mobile friendly theme

Typical WordPress experience largely depends on the choice of theme. While there are all sorts of free themes to choose, every theme may not be perfect for the web experience that you want to deliver. Judging the suitability of the theme in regard to the look and feel of your website is important. Obviously, the same theme that goes well for a travel website cannot be the right one for a retail website. Moreover, you need to choose a theme that can be easily integrated with the kind of widgets and functionalities you are going to incorporate in your website. So, go for mobile friendly theme.


2. Be wise when choosing your plugins

Besides the plethora of themes that deliver the look and feel of a website, to make the web experience functionally superb, there is an array of effective plugins. A web experience he is more than just the look and feel and design elements. This is why it is incredibly important to make your WordPress website functionally brilliant when it is accessed through handheld devices. In spite of the overwhelming choice of login that you are exposed to, you always need to give preference to the plugins that will give your website critical functionality you require.


When it comes to choosing your plugins you need to consider a few things. Read the reviews of the plugins carefully and go for plugins that are there for some years and went for several updates. For every critical functionality only choose one plugin to prevent any collision. In case of few critical functionalities go for the premium and paid ones to optimise the web experience. When choosing plugins to make the mobile experience of your website perfect, give preference to the results shown over mobile than on desktop.


3. Use the test tool of Google to evaluate the mobile friendliness

How your mobile friendly WordPress website performance should be tested and evaluated from time to time. By evaluating the performance and mobile friendly attributes you can take care of the flaws and boost the performance of your website for the mobile users. Whether your chosen theme lack some crucial features or whether it is inappropriate to use that theme you can easily test through the Google Test tool. After making it clear that mobile friendliness is a crucial criterion for ranking websites Google also launched a new Test tool to test the mobile friendly attributes of your website. Thanks to this tool you can easily come to know what are the issues that are preventing your website from becoming mobile friendly.


4. Make it simple and instantly engaging

These days the attention span of browsing audience is continuing to decrease just because most of them the uncanny habit of browsing web on their hand held device. While desktop browsing is continuing to decrease, mobile browsing is continuing to make people more impatient and hectic when it comes to mobile browsing. Naturally, to address this Impatient and always wondering audience you need to ensure quick engagement. Nothing works as good as a simple and user centric design when it comes to making impression quickly as soon as the user sets his foot on a web page.


Simplicity in layout, color scheme, typeface, and all other elements not only help in faster engagement but also it leaves a lasting impression. Anything served on a device screen without any visual clutter helps remembering it longer. Moreover, when coming on a web page one should instantly know what it is all about and how one can get what he needs from the respective web page. So, ensure it clean and clutter free design to boost user engagement and memorability.


5. Give importance to mobile friendly content

By saying that you need to use the mobile friendly content we do not suggest using and altogether different content mobile website in comparison to the one served for the desktop users. Be assured that you can use the same blog, same web pages describing your service for both the versions of your website. When it comes to giving a boost to your contents for mobile friendliness it is more about making the content fit to the mobile viewport, optimising the typeface for mobile reading, enhancing the images for mobile viewing and offering graphic contents that perfectly fit mobile screens. With a keen consideration for readability and viewing of contents on variety of mobile screens, you can deliver web experience perfect for mobile users.


Let us introduce a few more tips to make the contents of your WordPress website mobile friendly.


  • Place the most important information above the fold.
  • Change the typeface to the bigger ones for easy reading.
  • Use bigger CTA buttons to help easier interaction.
  • Always use shorter headlines.
  • Break the text content into small paragraphs with subheads and bullet points. Make contents easily scannable just with a quick glance.
  • Use a lot of white or negative space around every piece of content to give prominence and grab attention.


The above-mentioned tips to optimise mobile friendliness of your WordPress website are by and large focused on the principal aspect of crisp and lucid usability ensured by faster loading time. By applying all the above mentioned principles you can ensure making your WordPress mobile website load faster. Lastly, it is the images that you need to optimize to ensure faster loading speed. Last but not the least of our advice Would be to choose your hosting service carefully to ensure smooth performance and the bandwidth required for it.

Author : Keval Padia

Keval Padia is a Founder & CEO at Nimblechapps, a fast-growing iOS app development company. The current innovation and updates of the field lure him to express his views and thoughts on certain topics

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