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13 Incredible Things You Never Knew WordPress Can Do

For most people, WordPress is just the perfect platform for hosting a website or running a blog. However, because of its open architecture, the platform offers more than just a great content management system. With many developers taking time to improve the platform, WordPress has developed into a whole new level.


The transformation of WordPress has been made possible by themes and plugins like D5 Creation which has some useful WordPress themes. From these themes you can give your CMS a better design which can attract more visitors. All themes of D5 creation are built with latest technology like HTML5 and CSS3. This post looks at alternative ways you can use WordPress by discussing what is possible on the platform and what is not.


Create an Amazon Shop

It is possible to create an amazing ecommerce solution on WordPress. You do this with WooCommerce. Additionally, if you want to sell without providing your own stock, you can add Amazon as your main supplier. To achieve this, what you need is the Amazon Shop plugin as well as an affiliate account with Amazon.


Use it as an Online Forum

Did you know you can use the WordPress platform as forum software? This is thanks to the developers at EngineThemes who have created the ultimate theme for that. With their app, ForumEngine, you can easily convert your WordPress website into a great forum app.


The app is simply a modified version of WordPress posts with the addition of comments and front-end controls as well as easy administration. The design is slick and easy to use. Alternatively, to convert WordPress into a forum, you can use the bbPress which is tool from WordPress.


Coupon Site

When it comes to the generation of affiliate commissions, coupon sites are the best to go with. The Clipper is a theme created by AppThemes that you can use to integrate coupon management on your site at an advanced level.


Therefore, if you are planning on creating a coupon site, you can still use WordPress as your CMS. There are many more themes out there that you can use to create such a site. The important thing is to make sure you don’t use shady methods to attract visitors.



Are you thinking of creating a directory, then don’t ignore the WordPress platform. There is a Directory theme that you can use to transform your homepage into an impressive directory. You can even incorporate numerous directory features to your listing page.


Recreate the Twitter Look

The P2 theme is a great theme you can use to create a twitter look-alike on WordPress. This theme is often referred to as ‘Twitter for WordPress’. It will help you enable short messaging in companies or teams. This is a theme widely used by WordPress makers for their internal communication.


The theme offers inline commenting. As a result of this, people can post a topic and the other users will respond in a convenient way. The theme does not offer much but it is great in what it does.


Job Board

It is possible for you to create a job board on WordPress. This is thanks to the Job Engine by the EngineThemes. Because of the theme’s front-end controls, you no longer have to use the WordPress Dashboard. The theme comes with infinite scroll, Ajax filtering as well as a slick layout.


Quality Control

The Quality Control is a theme that taps into WordPress’ functionality to help you create a remarkable quality control tool. With this tool, you can turn user comments into status updates and posts into issues. There is an integrated ticket system that can help filter on milestone, status or priority. You can also assign tickets to specific users thereby making it the ultimate tracking tool.


Booking System

Do you want to make it easy for your customers to make bookings online? You can do so with the Booking System Pro plugin. You can use this plugin for different websites. Hotels, for example, can use this plugin on their site to make it easy for location or room bookings. Restaurants can also use the feature for table reservations.


The booking plugins can be configured in different ways to complete a range of tasks. Combining this plugin with the WooCommerce can further help you accept payments for the bookings.



Membership plugins are used extensively on WordPress. Due to the platform’s convenience as a user system, it is very easy to add various membership levels. You can also start selling membership by simply adding a payment option. For added protection, you can use the s2Member plugin to protect your entire website. The plugin can also help you add pay-per-article feature. This plugin is free.


Customer Feedback

With the theme called Ideas, a theme from AppThemes, you can transform your website into a customer feedback collecting platform. Users can submit suggestions or ideas for other people to vote. You can then filter the data by the most popular suggestions or ideas. You can also comment on the ideas or suggestions as soon as they are posted.


Customer Support Desk

If you deal with numerous customer questions or complaints, you will benefit from a customer support desk. The good news is that you can create this on WordPress. Although there are numerous plugins and themes that you can use for this, the SupportPress theme is one of the best themes you can use. In addition to helping you create your own ticketing system, the theme offers chat functionality. It is also possible to include FAQs, documentation as well as integrate forums on the same theme.


YouTube Look-Alike

Did you know you can create your own ‘YouTube’ on WordPress? This is a great idea if most of your content is video. You can do this with the Video Pro theme. The theme offers numerous ways to present your videos and also increase engagement. Visitors can also submit links to appropriate videos.


Classified Ads

Last but not least, you can add classified ads. One of the best themes you can use for this is the ClassiCraft. The theme as amazing usability and allows for different ways of monetizing your website by providing premium ads.


There is a lot more you can do with WordPress. You just need to find the theme or plugin that helps you meet your needs.

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