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How to Attract Customers Via Email

The paramount challenge for marketers is how to attract attention to your brand and attract customers to the site. However, is there the most effective marketing tool that would attract customers as a magnet and encourage them to make purchases (like: Attract Customers Via Email ) ? No matter what services you provide, personalized email messages will give you the opportunity to reach the audience and help establish a strong relationship with customers by solving their problems. Consumers, no doubt, will react to similar efforts on your part by increasing purchases and increasing brand loyalty.

Ways to attract customers via email

First, let's see what the most popular ways of attracting customers by email are today:

Promotions and special offers of the company

In order to buy goods, the buyers register on the site, enter their data. Then the store starts sending information about discounts. This will surely please your regular customers, while those who bought the goods only the first and the last time, can cause irritation. As a result, instead of attracting customers to the site, you can push them away and cause hostility to yourself. Therefore, each case must be approached in different ways.

Various kinds of information, both news and educational

There's nothing to discuss here. The person has found the information interesting to him, has subscribed and does not regret it. However, there is one very important point - the confirmation of the subscription. This is an obligatory stage, during which the subscriber is immediately sent a special letter with options for how he can confirm the subscription started and end the subscription process to the email. The options for actual confirmation can be: a link, an email address or a password to confirm the subscription. An unconfirmed subscription is invalid.

As an option, you can offer free promotional materials, some of which you submit in a letter, and some on the site. In addition, if the information is really interesting, the reader will come to your site for an additive. You can communicate with customers on the pages of the site, touching on the main issues of the topic in the mailing list. Ideas, their development and embodiment ... everything is in your hands.


SPAM is the sending of emails to the email addresses of people who DO NOT give their consent to receive such information. That is, the owners of email addresses to which SPAM is sent, receive these emails even without previous subscription. Unwelcome distribution can ruin any, even the most successful campaign. Nevertheless, spam is still a common way of getting customers.


Do you want your products or services to be spoken? Follow the tips below. It should be noted that in email marketing, in some cases, the rules of real life. It means that you need to know the name of the recipient, to introduce yourself and most importantly - not to be boring and not to bother people.

Introduce yourself to Attract Customers Via Email

Your campaign is doomed to failure, if you do not explain to the subscriber who you are, and that in general you forgot it in your mailbox. Even the super clever headers it will not help you, if the client does not recognize you. The letter will remain unread, no matter what a smart offer you are willing to make.

Do not be boring

Boredom is the main enemy of the emails. Do not use headlines of the same type all the time, or constantly write provocative headlines. You need to experiment and see what really works.

Encourage the recipient to interact

To improve the delivery of letters, add the following text to your email: "In order to ensure the receipt of our letters, please add our address to the address book". Further, you can describe how to do it in detail.

Segment the recipients of emails

This may seem to be extremely difficult task, but it is the knowledge of target audience that is an integral component of any successful campaign. You need to be able to segment your customer base. If you sell children's products, be guided by young mothers, if you are selling coffee, bet on natural ingredients, and accordingly, if you have a diving store, only divers will be interested in it.

Offer your target audience the content that it needs. Create marketing campaigns for your regular customers and for those who buy goods from you not often, for women or men, etc. Segmentation possibilities are endless.

Personalize your messages to Attract Customers Via Email

Write your letters as if you were writing them to one particular person, not the entire contact list. To do this, you need to gather as much information about the client, his interests and needs, as possible. Based on the collected data, be sure to contact the subscriber by name, ask about his successes in tennis, work, etc. The result of personalized messages will necessarily increase the sales and loyalty of customers.

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Be frank with subscribers

Trust is the key to success. Be consistent with the frequency of sending letters. Choose a schedule and always stick to it. From the very first letter, place all the dots over "i", warning subscribers about how often you will do the newsletter. Thus, the client will know what he is on, and your union will become even stronger (on condition that you provide valuable information). However, do not overdo it. Your letters should be relevant and timely. Do not forget to provide a link for unsubscribing.

The client loves with the eyes

We perceive the most of the information visually. So, it is not necessary to make out the letter in the form of one image. You can partially work around this problem by providing each image with an alternative text that will be visible if the image is not loaded.

Social networks (Important to Attract Customers Via Email )

Social networks are an integral part of any advancement on the Internet and a great way to find and interest the client. You can communicate with customers directly, learn their opinion about products, services, collect likes, arrange promotions. The profile of a person is a real storehouse of information that you can profitably use. Therefore, be sure to add links to social networks in your email messages.

You can even play on the link to refuse the mailing. Is this element mandatory for all the legal mailings? Yes. Create a response page on your site, ask the client for the reason for the refusal. This can be useful information for further mailings after its analysis

It may seem that we have told you about kind of trivial things. Why did we do this? The answer is simple – these tips really work! So go ahead, dare and soon you will feel the sweet, intoxicating smell of success.

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