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Top 10 Business Challenges Those Still Embrace Manual Operations

The biggest Business Challenges faced by the owners in recent times are to grow the business globally, hire eligible employees, talent management, enhance profit, retain employees for a longer time, and many more. The one-stop solution to all the problems is eliminating manual operations from the working premises and adopting automated or technological gadgets to simplify it. I accept that the manual tactics used by the old giant company worked, but ask them if they are satisfied or not? I am sure their answer will be ‘Big No.’

Manage everything manually is practically not possible because the taste and preferences of the people totally change than before. Nowadays, everyone wants everything quickly at a lower price; in this situation, a manual process is not working efficiently. That is why adopting automated technical operations tactics is necessary to grow the business. 

Business Challenges Faced By The Owners While Using Manual Operation?

It is a time to level up your company from traditional management customs and implementing an automated working system to grow the business like never before. The older manual business operations have so many drawbacks, following are the challenges faced  by the business while using older pen-paper work; 

Difficulties In Employee’s Recruitment

Earlier, the HRD used manual tactics for the recruitment of staff, which was a time-consuming method because they have to go through with thousands of resumes, screening all the applications properly, scheduling the interview, and what not?. But the automated tools like ATS (Applicant Tracking System) help them to classify the most appropriate resume among all the applicants and also schedule a personal interview. 

Difficulty In Maintaining Relationships

Employees sometimes feel workload and depressed because they did not have any automated tools that help them to complete their tasks smoothly; thus, managers faced difficulty with maintaining a personal relationship with employees. But the technological revolution eliminates heavy workload and allows employees to work smartly. 

Complexity In Management Structure

If we talk about employee management, then automatically we focus on the human resource department because they are the ones who are continuously working on effective employee management and controls their activities in working premises. But they are not able to watch each employee’s activity. That is why technical tools are automated to control employees and to manage them effectively in the working premises.  

Higher Error And Unclear Data

Let us take an example of an employee’s salary calculation. The older manual salary/wages calculation method was inaccurate and time-consuming because the HR manager manually calculates it. But the automated payroll process helps HRD to calculate the net payable amount of employees in just a few clicks.

Time And Cost-consuming

As we know, the manual methods of business operation are time-consuming and costly because it needs more people to handle it properly. But technological tools are one-time investing gadgets, which save time for both employees and employers and also save funds.

Security And Safety Issues

When managers have used the manual method, they keep an important document of business and necessary data of employees manually. Misplacement of a single document may affect the profitability of the firm. But the automated software guaranteed the safety and security of the data. For example, if we are talking about the budget of the business, which is a confidential file, the manager save it in the cloud or a separate database, which keeps it until the concerned authority deletes the file from the central computer and again while deleting the folder, it is necessary to enter a correct password otherwise you can not delete it.

Data Entry Duplication

Employee attendance is essential as we know; the manual attendance system, which is on paper or ID cards, has a risk of data entry duplications and buddy punching. But automated biometric tools are accurate and also eliminates the risk of buddy punching.

If we are talking about the sales department of the company, then they have to manage the data of customers, like their likes, dislikes, etc. The manual method does not work here because misplacement of a single piece of paper may be the cause of failure of the whole sales team. But the automated tools analyze the needs and wants of the potential customers and also provide insights into market trends and also keep the data safe, which helps the business to grow faster.

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Affects Employee Retention

Employee turnover directly affects the goodwill of the firm and indirectly affects the profitability of the firm. Earlier, when an organization uses manual operations, employees and employers feel workload and stress; that is why they leave the job. But technological advancement helps them to perform their job effectively and smoothly. That is why manual operation affects employee retention.

Loss of Focus on Core Task

If we are talking about the accounting and finance department of an organization, then manual data entry in journals, in P&L account, and in the balance sheet is not their core task. They also need to calculate travel expenses, other expenses spent by the employee while they are on a business trip, and other banking works on behalf of the company. But the manual process does not allow them to focus on other tasks. But technical tools prepare all accounts in just a few clicks.

Lack of Competitive Advantages 

It is an era of paperless work, and it is by nature that if your rivals are using technological advancements and you are not adopting yet, then you will not be able to get the benefit of competitive advantage from the market.

Summing Up: Business Challenges

It is necessary to track employees’ activity in the working premises because they have so much personal information regarding the company's strategies. Manual methods do not work when you have to manage all the employees and keep an eye on their activities continuously; here, the technological AI (Artificial Intelligence) based tools help you to maintain their activities. As we know, change is necessary; then this change may change the future of the whole company then; why do you refuse to do the same?

Author : Sweta Sharm

Sweta is an experienced content strategist at FactoHR, having a keen interest in communication and the latest trends that are useful to entrepreneurs. Her passion for learning aids team members to represent new ideas that later help businesses to achieve their mission and vision.

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