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Tools Involved in Digital Signage Templates and Themes

There are many digital methods of advertisement today. They are full of various kinds of information put out for the whole world to see. A digital advertisement is made up of various kinds of elements. One of these is the theme. This is the overall layout of your webpages. It determines how the advertisement looks to the viewers. Any changes to the theme can affect one part or all the parts of the advertisement depending on the preferences of the designer. A theme essentially takes content and organizes it in a way that the visitors can see.

Another element of an advertisement is its template. This is a pre-designed framework where you simply add your own information and construct an advertisement of your choice. There are spaces where you can add text and others where you can add pictures.

Templates and themes can be used in digital advertisement and displayed in a form known as digital signage. Also known as dynamic signage, this is a form of advertising where multimedia content such as video, images and audio are presented to observers in public places. This form of advertising is performed by specialist companies such as DoPublicity.

Digital signage can be performed using a variety of devices. Examples of these are LED bulbs or tube arrangements, LCD or plasma screens and computer monitors. The material that is displayed in digital signage is created using software tools. These tools can have themes and templates built into them. There is a variety of software tools available today, which can be used to create templates and themes for digital signage. Read on to learn about some of them.


The tools used to design templates and themes

There are special software tools that you can use to create amazing photos, infographics and video content for digital signage. They include:

  1. Canva
  2. Microsoft PowerPoint
  3. Prezi
  4. Photoshop
  5. VSCO
  6. Place It


This is a tool that you can use to design material for your digital signage. It is based on the web. Therefore, it can be accessed from literally anywhere as long as you have an Internet-capable device. It is easy to use and complete beginners can quickly get the drift in Canva and design eye-catching material. The tool has some templates built into it. Therefore, you can simply pick them and design your advertisements, presentations, social media posts and flyers too. Canva allows you to pick the orientation of your digital signage material. You can set it to present it in portrait form or landscape form at a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. This web-based tool has an in-built Design School. You can subscribe and learn how to pick the right colors, fonts and how to design your grid properly.


Microsoft PowerPoint

If you need to keep it simple, then you can head to the easiest and simplest tool to use, Microsoft PowerPoint. This software tool can assist you to design menu boards, special promotions and even infographics. Microsoft PowerPoint allows you to export your digital signage material in various formats. Examples of these include JPEG, PNG and video footage.



This is a tool that was built to be an alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint in designing digital signage templates. It is different from PowerPoint in that you perform your design on a large canvas that has pixel measurements. In Prezi, you can zoom, pan and even focus on specific elements in your design for digital signage. This allows you to emphasize what you want in the presentation bound for your signage media. Prezi has the capability to upload a design to your digital signage through an online link too.



One of the most important elements in digital signage material is photos. Also referred to as images, they give visual appeal to your advertisement and also communicate to the viewers. One of the world's top tools in photo editing is Photoshop. Therefore, it is one of the useful tools to use for designing digital signage material. It has a wide array of inbuilt features that you can use to tweak your photos and add material that advertises your firm for digital signage purposes.



The world is going mobile. Many people today work and play on their smartphones and tablets too. Specially designed applications make this possible. Fortunately for advertisers, there is an application that can help them to perform digital signage. It is known as VSCO. This application can be used to edit images to make them look more professional. It has built in filters. These are natural and can effectively manipulate images. It is available for both Apple iOS and Android smartphones.


Place It

Companies and organizations seek to make their target consumers as comfortable as possible to use their products. An image where your customer sees themselves using your product makes them feel secure in investing in it. Place it is a software tool that can help a company to achieve this. This tool allows you to place an image displaying your company's logo or any other statement in the screen of a laptop, tablet or smartphone that is being used by a person in a promotional image. This tool allows you to insert your promotional material in the screen of any electronic media that has been captured in an image. After that, you can post the compound image in your digital signage.


Windows Movie Maker

One of the types of media that is placed in digital signage is video footage. By displaying both images and sound, a company can effectively capture the attention of their target market. Windows Movie Maker is a software tool that you can use to achieve this. It is equipped with all the features necessary to edit color, logos and even add text into the video footage that you want to put in the digital signage.



Digital signage is the future of advertising. It utilizes modern technology such as LEDs and LCD displays to communicate with the masses. The tools indicated above can help to prepare material before posting it to the digital signage.

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