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Success in WordPress Blogging

How to Get Success in WordPress Blogging in 2018

Blogging is a favourite hobby of millions of tech-savvy individuals. It allows them to get in touch with millions of new people on the web, increase awareness about their profession/company/products/services, share useful ideas and thoughts, and generate revenues in the long run. All prominent companies, firms, business organizations, professionals promote their products/services through blogging.

WordPress blogging is quite rampant among both novice and experienced bloggers. Initially, WordPress was launched as a blogging platform. Although, it is now used for creating all types of websites, thanks a lot to the availability of WordPress Themes/Plugins, WidGets, ShortCodes, and PSD to WordPress Conversion services provided by IT companies.

These days, people become bloggers to share experiences with others. One must always keep in mind that there are millions of blogs on the Internet. But, only a few of them are interesting to the targeted audience. Despite making several efforts, most of the people fail to get the desired results through blogging and relinquish it sooner or later.

Are you also interested in blogging? Confused where to start from and what to do to get the desired success? If yes, then read this article to understand the secrets and subtleties of having a successful blogging career. So, let's get started.


1. Attach A Corporate Blog To Your Website

It has been observed by many tech-geeks that even MNC companies lack a corporate blog on their websites. They assume that the website is sufficient to attract visitors. They must keep in mind that Google and other search engines give importance to websites that are frequented updated with fresh content. A corporate blog can encourage search engine bots to visit your website frequently and reward it with a higher ranking in search results.

If you run a static HTML website, ask your web developer to attach a blog to it. It will cost you dearer. So, just take your website to the WordPress platform using the PSD to WordPress Services or in consultation with a WordPress development company. Just customize your blog and give it a professional look. If you are a non-coder, ask the web developer/WordPress development company to perform the task. Attach all necessary WordPress pages to your blog and keep the navigation simple and smooth.


2. Create a Definite Plan for Blogging

Successful WordPress blogging demands a lot of dedication, time, and commitment from bloggers. The distractions of life (such as get together parties with friends, relatives, family members, foreign tour, diseases, unforeseen weather conditions, etc,) create a disturbance in your blogging life. So, you must plan about your blogging activities in advance to repel disturbance with ease and focus on blogging. Here are some suggestions you can implement:


Activities Benefits
Create a blogging calendar It gives a clear idea as to which work should be done prominently to keep the blogging activities smooth.
Avoid useless actives as far as possible (watching movies, needlessly surfing social networking sites, long chatting on mobile phones, unplanned trip, participation in parties, marriage ceremonies, etc) You will have more time for blogging.
Good infrastructure (Fast internet, pleasant work environment, Automation tools, availability of supportive staff, etc,) Smooth Blogging
Content creation Create high-quality content on a daily basis.

3. Invent New Ideas

Successful blogging depends on the availability of unique, fresh, and user-friendly content. Both, search engine and people always look for fresh content. Most of the bloggers use the cut paste technology to generate new content and they don’t bother to spend some time for the generation of quality content. If your blog is flooded with low-quality content, it will not impress the targeted audience. So, you will not be able to get the desired traffic.

Therefore, be active, think about new ideas and create high-quality content. Your content should be simple and easily understandable. Avoid uncommon words as far as possible. Keep the sentence structure short and simple.

To make your content more effective and appealing, add relevant facts and figures, charts, images, links to live content published on high-authority websites, videos, etc. All these will encourage visitors to read your content and recommend it to others as well. The shortage of quality content can easily be eliminated through external sources in exchange for a few bucks only.


4. Optimize Your Content For Search Engines And Individuals

A fresh and useful content has 0 values if users don’t find it on the web. Just use the quality content, publish it on your blog and optimize it for search engines and the targeted audience. Take the help of expert SEO professionals to perform different SEO activities to promote your blog on the web. Some useful tips are given here below: 


SEO tricks Benefits
Page Title Catches the attention of visitors
Keyword Research Helps visitors to find your blog or its pages on the web. It also helps search engines to display your blog/it's pages in search results. Choose long tail keywords or other terms frequently used by individuals
URL optimization WordPress automatically creates an URL when a content is made live by the webmaster. Such default URLs are long, complicated, and messy. Search engines don’t visit them because they have to evaluate it using complex parameters which demand time. Visitors consider such URLs as SPAM and don’t visit them. So, edit the URLs of your blog, add suitable keywords and terms to make them SEO friendly. Search engines prefer web pages with clean URLs.
Meta Keywords and Meta descriptions They tell what your content is all about and encourage search engines and people to visit your blog.
H1,H2,H3,H4 tags It supplements your SEO efforts
Add ALT Tags to images Images with ALT attributes are easily understood by search engines and displayed in search results.
Commenting on blogs It helps Google to determine the relevancy of your content
Guest Blogging More traffic to your blog. Business opportunities come in your way.
Link building practices Better ranking of your blog or its pages on all major search engines.
Email marketing A powerful digital marketing trick to get more visitors to your blog.


5. Intensify Your Social Media Activities

Today’s tech-savvy people use different social media websites to stay in touch with relatives living in remote locations and keep themselves up-to-date with the rapidly changing world. The availability of a large number of audience on different social media users can provide unlimited business opportunities to you as a blogger. Just see the massive audience present on leading social media websites:


Social Media Websites Audience
Facebook 2.07 billion
Twitter 330 million
Google Plus 111 million
Linkedin 467 million
YouTube 1,300,000,000
Pinterest 150 million
Instagram 800 million

So, whenever you update your blog with a new content, just share it all leading social media channels to increase the CTR rate of your website. Attach social sharing buttons to your blog with the help of WordPress plugins. If your blog content is shared maximum on different social media channels by fans/followers, it gets traffic and several chances of lead generation.


6. Make Your Blog Multilingual

Most of the website is created in English. If you want your blog to be visited by the global audience and sell your products all over the world, just look beyond English as well. There are millions of people in the world who like to read the web content in their own languages. It is very difficult to create different websites for Non-English visitors.

So, you must make your website multilingual. Just install a WordPress Translation Plugin on your blog and activate it. It allows visitors to translate the web content into their preferred language and consume it easily. Multilingual blogs have a larger audience than those blogs that are available only in a specific language.


7. Suggest The Related Content To Visitors

Most of the visitors land on websites/blogs, read the available content and go away without giving any business to entrepreneurs. Are you also among them? If yes, then you need to suggest the related content to visitors. Just install a Related Posts Plugin on your blog and activate it. Based on your settings, it will suggest the related content to visitors based on their current entries. It will decrease the bounce rate of your blog significantly and improve the content consumption.


8. Promote Your Blog On Q-A Websites

Active internet users have different questions regarding different topics. So, they use different Question-Answer Websites find appropriate answers easily and quickly. As a passionate WordPress blogger, you should answer the relevant questions of visitors and encourage them to visit your blog or its pages to get the detailed knowledge under your niche. Just add links of your blog/its pages in your answer. It will divert immense traffic back to your blog and reward you in terms of the availability of business opportunities, sales, generation of leads, revenues, etc.


9. Active Communication With All Visitors

When you publish user-centric content on your web regularly, interested visitors love to communicate with you. So, they try to contact you via different means to get their answers resolved. The lack of active response from your side can make them unhappy and they might stop visiting your blog from the next time. This is a setback to your blogging business. Every visitor is very important for you. So, you must actively communicate with visitors and solve their problems in a timely fashion. Here are some options you would like to try:


Communication Tools Benefits
Chatbots It helps visitors to get instant information once they land on the blog.
Physical Address + Corporate Email Active communication through correspondence and Emails.
Contact Numbers Direct communication between blog owners and visitors on important issues.
Live streaming on social Media channels Face-to-Face communication between blog owners and visitors.
Use of Instant Messaging Apps Swift communication between blog owners and visitors.


10. Monetize Your Blog By All Possible Means

 When you update your blog regularly with fresh content and optimize it well for search engines/people, traffic starts to pour in from all directions. Now, you need to monetize your blog by all possible means to earn revenues every day, week and month and compensate your staff. Here are some blog monetization techniques:


Blog Monetization Techniques How it works
Charge Guest bloggers if they want their content to be posted on your blog Easy earning opportunities
Do Affiliate Marketing marketing for famous companies and firms Receive the referral amount from clients as per your performance
Google AdSense To Display commercial ads on your blog and earn some bucks
Sell premium products, Apps, Content, software, hardware, etc, Direct earning opportunities
Paid Consultation to needy individuals Direct earning opportunities
Write Paid Reviews Get money from companies and firms


11. Look For Areas of Further Improvement

 Always keep in mind that competition always grows in the web-based business. A large number of webmasters always compete against each other to grab visitors and business opportunities. So, all of them try to get their blog rank prominently on all search engines. Even a little mistake or carelessness in blogging activities can throw you away from the game of profitable blogging.

So, even if your blog is performing smoothly on all fronts, don’t sit idle at all. Just amylase your blog performance from all possible angles, such as the total number of visitors that land on the blog every day, week, and month, performing and non-performing content, Affiliate statistics, User questions, Seasonal traffic, high/low performing keywords, Daily / weekly trends, Failure rate, the number of page views per visitor, the time spent by the visitor on the blog, the ratio of new and regular visitors, RSS statistics, outgoing clicks, where people most often click on your page, the exit page, Monetization statistics and other useful data.

Look for areas where you are lacking. Analyze your competitors to know what they are doing to attract visitors in bulk. Based on the output, take the required action and get the desired results.


Final Words:

Professional blogging is all about how you satisfy the growing demands of the targeted audience and encourage them to become your paying customers. By following the above-mentioned practices, you can easily have a successful blogging career in 2018.

Author : Marie Thomas

Marie Thomas is a WordPress developer by profession and Writer by hobby. She works for Wordsuccor Ltd., that is one of the best PSD to WordPress Converion and web development company wordpress theme based in USA

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