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WordPress Publisher? Learn About Google AMP and Facebook IA Plugins

Information is power and smart mobile devices have made it much easier for us to access it. In the past few years, more people use their smartphones and tablets to access the Internet than laptops and desktops. Due to this phenomenon, major online platforms such as Google and Facebook have made efforts to allow faster Internet access using mobile devices.

In May 2015, Facebook made the effort to create Instant Articles. This is a tool that targets publishers who distribute stories on Facebook. Instant Articles allows the publishers to do this faster and easier using their mobile devices. Google also released a solution to make Internet access through mobile devices easier too. It is known as the AMP Project.

Google AMP is an acronym for Accelerated Mobile Pages. This is a project that is open source and supervised by the company. Publishers can use Google AMP to load pages in their mobile devices much faster. It improves the performance of Internet access in mobile devices. It also boosts the speed and reduces the loading times. In addition to this, they can use the solution to publish their work easily and faster too. To ensure the continued success of the project, on February 24th 2016, Google search engine enacted a policy to include AMP listings in their mobile search results.

There are many tools that are used to create websites. One of these is WordPress. It is web-based and can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have Internet connection. WordPress is written in PHP, which makes it very easy for you to build and maintain a blog or website. WordPress can be considered a Content Management System (CMS). There are a number of WordPress plugins that help you to make use of Facebook Instant Articles and Google AMP Project. They make it easy for you to utilize these solutions. Read on to learn some more about them.

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Instant Articles for WordPress

Normally, if you need to utilize Instant Articles in your WordPress blog or website, the first step is to create an RSS feed. This feed contains information about the articles that you want to post. This information includes the title, content and images in your article. After creating it, this RSS feed must be allowed by Facebook. The social platform must also verify every Instant Article that you post to ensure that it is in the right format and that you are reaching a minimum number of posts in your feed. Doing this manually is quite tedious. Fortunately, there is a WordPress solution from Automattic known as the Instant Articles plugin. It creates a brand new feed for you whenever required and also ensures your articles meet the formatting rules that are required by Facebook. It makes the activity of posting articles on Facebook much easier from your WordPress website.



Also created by Automattic, this is a plugin that allows you to create AMP articles quite easily. Once you install and activate the AMP plugin in your WordPress website, every post you make will be transformed into an AMP - compatible version. By using AMP, you do not have to perform the formatting yourself. The plugin will do it for you. To make sure that the plugin is working properly, you can check the AMP version of your articles by including /amp/ at the end of the URL for your article. AMP from Automattic makes it so easy for you to convert your website articles into AMP - compatible formats.


The PageFrog WordPress plugin

Convenience is always welcome. The PageFrogWordPress plugin provides this in droves. It allows publishers to create and manage content for Google AMP and also allows them to publish articles in the Facebook Instant Articles. The PageFrog interface is designed such that it allows you to perform both of these activities. After you install and activate it, the PageFrog plugin provides you with an option known as Mobile Formats. By using this option, you can set up the process for both Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles.

Once you set up both facilities, you can simply click on the button marked 'Begin Setup' for Facebook Instant Articles. This button generates a special RSS Feed for your Instant Article and you can post it to the Facebook page of your WordPress site. Full of capability, the PageFrogWordPress plugin allows you to perform online publishing easily and conveniently. It is also available for free.


Glue for Yoast and AMP

Yoast is an SEO resource that you can apply in your WordPress website or blog. The Glue plugin allows you to use Google AMP in your WordPress website. It allows the Google AMP facility to consider the right Yoast SEO metadata. Once you download and activate this plugin in your WordPress website, you can simply go ahead to configure it as you would your Yoast SEO settings. After that, the plugin will allow search engines to find your AMP webpages easily.

The Custom AMP

Custom AMP is a freely available plugin for WordPress that assists with Google AMP. After installing and activating this plugin, you can proceed to edit and adjust many of the features in your WordPress website that you expect to appear in your AMP webpages. Examples of these features are the logo, images, links in the footer and your navigation menu. Custom AMP also allows you to set specific width for your content, integrate Google Analytics and even adding HTML code to your webpages. This WordPress plugin also allows you to display the comments section in your AMP webpages.



If you are a WordPress publisher, it is very important to integrate Facebook Instant Articles and Google AMP in your website. By working together, they make your website load faster in mobile devices and also boost the attractiveness of the content in your article. In addition to that, these resources are always being updated. Therefore, you can always expect a better experience over time after you begin to use them in your WordPress website.

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