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Guest Blogging: 5 Keys to Writing Great Guest Blogs

We have often discussed how important guest blogging is in digital marketing. We are seeing that currently, guest blogging is one of the biggest keys to getting the maximum number of readers or customers. You can also check-in from your social media as in which such companies have raised their business through guest blogging in recent years. But you will also have to know how exactly is Guest Blogging necessary. 

Before you start guest blogging, you will have to know what is the goal of your guest blogging. Only if you know the goal, then you will be able to determine what exact kind of content would be required. There are a lot of things that are considered in guest blogging apart from just writing. You must know what to write, how to write, how much to write, and what kind of articles so that not a single content or article goes to waste.  Guest blogging is a major part of web development services so never take that lightly. 

5 Keys to Writing Great Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is best way to bring in traffic into your site. The problem with the new site is that they do not have regular visitors, on the contrary no visitors at all. Guest blogging not only helps you gain new audience but it also helps you increase your content exposure. The best part of guest blogging is that it is free. If the guest blogging done correctly, it will bring thousands of inbounds traffic.

With that being said, you can not take guest blogging too lightly. A good guest blogging post is the result of deep level research and hard work.

Here are the key points that will help you with guest blogging and improve your guest blogging skills.

Key 1:  Follow the instructions

The first and foremost simple step is to follow the instructions. Mostly great bloggers have their own parameters for the guest post they accept. The first and foremost rule is to follow those parameters while guest posting, only then your post has chances of being accepted. Before you start writing, you must know the guidelines for making the posts. Some guidelines you might see are not worth it but you will still have to follow them to make your article published on the site. In addition, you have to make sure that the article is SEO friendly as well. Article not being SEO friendly will mean nothing. And it will never be ranked on the search engine. If your article is not being ranked, then how come you can wish for any kind of traffic.

Key 2:  Put your expertise

If you are experts, that does not really matter unless you show how you put your expertise into use. People do not believe in words anymore, they believe in the actions of the speaker. People or your readers like to believe in something innovative. There is a certain field on which one has to do the expertise, in order to do the best guest blogging. Know your readers and also understand what exactly your readers would like to read and what kind of topics would make them keen to read. Do a bit of research on the subjects and then start writing the guest post. This would help you to work on the best subject in Guest blogging. 

Key 3:  Identify the people conscience

When you know that the mantra to keep your readersengaged is to write such contents that identify the people conscience. Everything that you write in your content must make some sense so that everyone likes the post and keeps on reading the post. Nothing or no statement should sound vague, they must connect each other well and make a sense in the form of the full article. Each idea should be in sync with another. Not only that your articles should be in such way that it must tell a story to the reader. The content of the articles should be written in such a way that your reader can link their life with it. This type of content makes the readers more engaged with the article.

The content you write should be written in for the readers and not fare the sake of writing only. Your content should be easy enough to be read by a middle schooler (until and unless your article strictly niche based). This will widen the range of the readers.

Key 4:  Write something important

Even if you are writing for someone else’s blog, you must not think that that piece of article will be of no use to you. Everything you write becomes very important for you as well as for whom you are writing. So, make your article SEO friendly only then will it be able to rank your article and then the backlinks that you have created. what’s important is that you how well your article is ranking on the search engine. The better the ranking, the more will be your work exposure, the more you will get out of your backlinks. And remember that the article that you have written for the guest post do have your author bio. So, it also boosts your reputation as a content writer.

  • Use H1-H6 efficiently wherever required 
  • Use the keywords aptly in titles and the headings. 
  • Use short sentences and short paragraphs to target your keyword. 

Key 5:  Concentrate on the SEO

The mantra is not to ever divert from the focus, concentrate on the “keyword density” also check that you do not overstuff keywords. Make your article apt for the post title, the first paragraph, make a great meta description and SEO rich content. If you are writing for a general keyword then consider the long-tail-keyword for your blog. It helps the Search Engine to show your article as a result of the search and only when your guest posts will be viewed more, then the visitors to your site will increase. This is a cycle that has to be maintained in order to get the best result of guest posting. 

Many might disagree with the pointers we have given but can guarantee you if you follow the above-mentioned pointers then you will be able to do a great guest posting. The above mentioned are the 5 keys to writing excellent guest posts which one would be benefited from, so it is recommended that you start guest posting following the given parameters.  


Guest blogging is all about sharing your information in return you will get recognized as a niche-based specialist. Guest blogging takes time. As you can choose any site to guest blog. Before going for the guest blog, you must do a thorough research. This research may include the kind of website you are looking for the guest blogging and the kind of article you are going to pitch for. Without a detailed research you may get rejected at the pitch phase only.

Even after being accepted by the site owners, you have been extra careful while writing a high-quality article that is SEO friendly as well as under the guidelines of the website owner.

Yes, I know it is tough job to do. But hey! I have already enumerated the points above that will be needing in improving your guest blogging capabilities.

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