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Handpick the Best WordPress Theme

7 Smart Tricks to Handpick the Best WordPress Theme for Your Website

Website creators preferably use WordPress to build impressive websites for various business categories. Right from installation to the customization of default theme, designers choose WordPress to adorn their web designs & create professional-looking websites with minimal efforts & time.

Designers choose WordPress as it comprises a range of feature-rich themes & user-friendly plugins. However, choosing a perfect theme becomes a daunting task as every pre-built theme is particularized for a specific business category. Now, the question arises how you will find the most suitable WordPress theme from a group of many?

Before revealing some smart tricks, you must consider the below-given factors which will guide you later:

  • Main goal or objective of your website
  • Type of content your site will serve
  • Features & functions of a theme
  • Theme to build SEO-friendly website
  • Easy-to-customize theme
  • WordPress theme service provider must be trusted

Several WordPress theme service providers offer fascinating themes for customizing their web designs faster & easier. So, which one you will use among numerable free & paid WordPress themes?

Just like every web designer, you must follow few must-known tips to find the best WordPress theme for website development & following are they:


1.   Simple, User-friendly, & Easy To Customize

Simplicity makes you unique & lets you stand out in the crowd. No doubt, using extraordinary WordPress themes with simple layout will showcase a classic & professional face of your website.

Web designers are repeatedly turning towards easy-to-use WordPress themes with sophisticated layouts instead of using an over-embellished one. So, you need to make sure that your WordPress theme is:

  • User-centric
  • Easily Customizable
  • Fulfills All Requirements Of Simplicity
  • Simple To Set
  • Elegant Not Complex

Using freemium WordPress theme like Easy which is based on HTML 5 & CSS3 is so easy to use & customize.

So, you need to focus on simplicity when you pick any WordPress design as it will play a dominating role in the success of your online business. Go for it!


2.   Easy-to-integrate Plugins

Want to create an engaging website? Use WordPress themes which support all major plugins allowing you to add some interesting features to your website. If a WordPress theme goes well with multiple plugins then it means that it’s flexible and definitely a perfect choice for you.

On the other hand, few high-quality WordPress themes do not require plugins and qualify all WordPress coding standards, you can try them as well.

 If your WordPress theme can use plugins then it will be favorable to make your website highly responsive & functional. You can go for HTML5 & CSS3 powered themes if you want to try your hand in customizing your website using jQuery plugins. Check out that if any plugin :

  • Is Easy to integrate with theme or not
  • Goes well with theme to accelerate site’s loading speed or not
  • Is supported by a WordPress theme or not


3.   Stick to a Responsive & Highly Compatible Theme

Every web designer codes a website using a specific WordPress theme to make it accessible on multiple platforms & a wide range of devices. Choosing a responsive theme helps you design fully functional websites which will automatically adjust across all screens of different sizes.

From desktops to tablets, smartphones, iPad, NoteBook, & iPhones, using a responsive WordPress theme will be a great idea to make a cross-browser compatible website for all devices with engaging features.

Remember, using responsive WordPress theme for designing your website is advantageous in many ways as it will:

  • Adjust across different sized screens
  • Function well on varied devices
  • Make it look similar on mobile as well as desktop
  • Help you customize web’s layout & content
  • Reduce all technical issues & errors


4.   Ensure it’s Good For SEO

No doubt, a captivating WordPress theme will help you make responsive websites with compelling layouts. But, there is another factor to consider while purchasing any WordPress theme i.e SEO friendly.

Web designers use high-quality WordPress themes as an SEO-friendly website easily ranks on top.

Thus, you must go for the latest WordPress theme that will enable you to customize a website specifically for performing better Search Engine Optimization. In this way, selecting a right WordPress theme for customization is a favorable step to improve your online presence in the web world.

Alongside SEO, prefer using WordPress theme that can uplift the performance of your website as it’s a prime factor to attain improved user engagement. You can also check the functionalities of theme using various web tools before you make mind to use it for the web development.


5.   Choice for Video Integration

Want to make your website more interactive? If you feel that your website’s layout must display a separate section for streamlining videos as a part of demonstration, ensure that your WordPress theme must have that feature.

Always select a Premium WordPress theme that enables effortless deployment of updated videos on a website in order to interact with the online visitors. Even you can edit and resize videos on website if its WordPress theme supports & runs videos.


6.   Ease to Structure Content

A user-friendly WordPress theme is like icing on cake if it handles your web content & displays it evenly across every screen.

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System used by the majority of web designers. Checking the content compatibility of a WordPress theme with your site is a useful trick to find the best theme for customizing your website.


7.   Know the Feedback & Reviews

Many professional web designers collect reviews & feedback from those who have worked with WordPress themes in the past. Check out the rating before choosing a theme & go for it if you are satisfied with all positive reviews.


Sum Up!

You can easily discover numerous WordPress themes on your own but selecting the best one becomes a tough task for many. Even if you make sure that a particular theme is all what you needed, you must know how to use it appropriately. So, keep these above tips in mind & find a perfect WordPress theme to update your website or make some necessary changes.

Author : Jacob Colleen

Jacob Colleen works with a team of web designers at Webby Central. His proficiency in CMS website development reflects his competency & dedication in work. In the above blog, he has defined various tricks & tips to choose the most relevant WordPress theme for customizing a website’s layout

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