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8 Budget-Friendly Marketing Strategies For Small Business

Small businesses have tight budget and so they always look for ways to cut down the costs and get maximum profit. Marketing is one of the best places to bring down the costs and you will find a number of options to do so.


With the expansion of digital marketing horizons, small businesses can easily market their business on various digital platforms without having to make a significant amount of investment.


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  1. Create multi-purpose content

Many of the businesses are making use of the content marketing strategy to boost their sales. With a good number of platforms available, you can come up with content that can be shared on each of them to market the business.


This simply means that a single content can be shared in a number of ways. For example, you can post the content as a blog and then provide a back link on the social media to your post.


A visual form of the content can be created for making an infographic version or a video. The content can also be shared on Instagram and Pinterest by creating graphic tiles and adding quotes to it.


  1. Get hold of review sites

The content that your customers create for you is the best you can use to promote your business. This user-generated content can easily boost sales when used properly.


One of the best places to find such content is online review sites. You will find a number of customer reviews on such sites. If you find any positive feedback then you can use them on your website as testimonials for the purpose of marketing.


  1. Post case studies

One of the best ways to market your business is to talk about your happy customers. You can post case studies of the customers that are happy to have worked with you. You can simply have a small interview with your customer, say over the telephone and then post it on your website.


Make sure you mention the issues your customers used to face and how your product or service solved his or her problem.


  1. Make short videos

Sharing information using videos is very easy on social media platforms. If we simply consider Facebook, billions of videos are viewed every day by the users.


When it comes to small businesses, there is no need to come up with professional videos. You can simply record short videos using a smartphone or a normal camera.


Just make sure that the videos are effective and can be shared easily. You can use your videos on different platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, Vine, Facebook and others.


  1. Build a social community

One of the best ways to market your business is by building a community. You can easily get it accomplished by creating groups on social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn. Also reply to comments on the blog posts, striking a conversation with your audience.


  1. Local search optimization

If you want to stay in business, you should concentrate on the means to optimize the local search of your business. You can do this by using NAP, Google+ page and by going for link profile optimization as they are the effective off-site methods to do it.


  1. Team up and host online events

If you have been on the social media for a while you must have come across different types of people. You must have for sure even come across some people who do business or sell products or services that complement with that of yours.


So why not utilize the chance and team up with a few? You can together host a Twitter chat, webinar or even have a teleconference. Working together will help you split the cost as well as bring out the best of knowledge together to the audience.


  1. Attract visitors with email newsletter

Opting for email newsletter campaign is one of the best ways to stay connected with your audience. Instead of going for promotional emails, you can opt for informative ones.


You can simply classify your customers into different groups and then send them the articles that would interest them. Similarly, you can offer a discount based on the taste of your customers.


There are a number of marketing strategies available on the digital platform but, finding the one that fits your budget is important. So go for these budget-friendly marketing techniques and you will be able to boost sales quite easily.

Author : Maulik Patel

Maulik Patel is a Creative Entrepreneur and managing director at HireSEOAgency, top seo company of India. He has more than 7 years of experience in small business growth strategies, content marketing and technical

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