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How To Select The Robust & Excellent WordPress Theme That Indeed Works?

Majority beginners feel confused when it comes to the selection of a Robust & Excellent WordPress Theme for WordPress website development. There are thousands of free and premium options available in the market that makes the decision even more complicated. Each theme gives “WOW” effect to users and consists of features that make it superlative as compared to the previous one. In such case, how to find the best WordPress theme? In this article, we have shared some key aspects that need to be kept in mind for selecting perfect WordPress theme for web development which you may call an Excellent WordPress Theme. All of the Extended Versions of D5 Creation Themes have the following features. The  Free Version of our Themes are WordPress.org Standard and Approved.

1. Insist For Simplicity

A majority of the WordPress theme comes with a lot of bright colors, complex navigation, layout and flashy animations. Sometimes you do need such stuff on your website but not in all the cases. So, try to look for the design that supports your business goal and objective. Your theme needs to look good but not at the cost of usability and performance. The main purpose of your web design is to help users to find information and details they need. If your theme looks great but does not help you to gain new business or customers then, it's meaningless. Understand that a theme that does not help users to find information is not a good theme and can not be marked as an Excellent WordPress Theme.

2. Go With Responsive Theme

A responsive theme is the one that adjusts its layout across multiple devices. Majority search traffic is generated through a mobile device and so, it's imperative to develop a mobile friendly website. Google shows mobile friendly website on the top of the results. Generally, majority WordPress theme is responsive by default but, there are sellers that fix the screen size that restrains them to behave responsively. So, select a theme that is responsive in nature for your business.

3. Cross Browser Compatibility

A user may use multiple browsers to access information. So, it's necessary that before you buy any theme, make sure it is compatible with all browsers. Some of the most common browser that user make use of are Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer etc. Ensure that your theme is compatible with all browsers.

4. Translation + Multilingual Ready

Well, a large number of WordPress website is not in the English language. Though you want to create your website in the English language but if your target is to attract the attention of international user-base, ensure that your WordPress theme is translation ready and supports multiple languages which can prove to be helpful to you in near future. All of the D5 Creation Themes are Multilingual Ready.

5. Search Engine Friendly

Your WordPress theme plays an important role in website SEO. If you have an amazing WordPress theme with poor HTML coding, it can affect the performance of the entire site. If you are a beginner, it is quite hard for you to find out the theme's source code. So, many premium WordPress theme developers will acknowledge you whether the theme is SEO friendly or not. You can even check whether a page generated proper HTML 5 code using W3C markup validation. However, it will generate many warnings that sometimes need not be worried.

6. Ratings and Reviews

Another indicator to decide the quality of an Excellent WordPress Theme is users ratings and reviews. If a theme is sold out in third party marketplace, you will see customer reviews. If you want to go with free WordPress theme, you can see the ratings section just below the download button. It will show a number of reviews and stars given by the users. If you click on 5 stars, it will display a list of reviews that gave 5 starts to themes. Generally, each and every theme is followed by good and bad reviews. If the ratio of bad reviews is high, you need to check the reviews and then proceed ahead.

7. Video Support

If you want to increase your website credibility, adding video is the best option. Users love to watch out website videos. So, choose the theme that supports dynamic video feature. Also, make sure that various customization options are available to edit and upload video as per your preference.

8. Content Compatibility

Content plays a crucial role to exhibit your business type and its purpose to customers. So, it's quite essential to have a clear content display on the website. For that, you need to select a theme that is compatible with the content format and displays it in original format.

9. Customization Options

There are multiple WordPress themes which give you the flexibility to customize in site’s functionalities, design, logo & images, and layouts, as well. Thus, it helps WordPress professionals to make needed changes in the client’s site anytime if it includes a relevant WordPress theme that allows customization facility.

Considering above things will help you to pick a well-tested and quality theme that accomplish your business goals and drives more customers to your site. So, think twice and select the best theme for your website.

Author : Melissa Crooks

Melissa Crooks is Content Writer who writes for Hyperlink Infosystem, a mobile app development company that holds the best team of skilled and expert Indian app developers. She is a versatile tech writer and loves exploring latest technology trends, entrepreneur and startup column

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