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15 Tips for WordPress Designers

Start Your Website Correctly: 15 Tips for Designing for WordPress

Billions of people around the world daily use the Internet for different purposes. Some seek information, some buy various products and/or services, and some earn money. At any rate, all of us visit online websites to find what we need. If you wish to earn through the Internet, you will definitely have to create your own website. Commonly, people create websites with the help of WordPress.

WordPress is a specially initiated website management or blogging system, which has a great variety of functions and can develop your website precisely as you want. It works as a part of the server. Currently, it supports over 60 million websites of different destiny. Its popularity has been reached thanks to the high dependability, effectiveness, ability to customize any resource with a high level of precision and other vital opportunities.

It can be easily managed by anyone, even by the beginners. It is utterly resourceful. Any user can build the brand identity of his or her resource, manage content correctly, make it vivid and attractive, intelligent and anything else.

Let’s have a closer look at 15 tips, which are necessary and helpful for the correct management of this program:


1. Use a custom homepage.

Conventionally, WordPress shows the last posts on the homepage, which were used on your resource. You have a possibility to change this function and put to use any other web page, which will become your new homepage. All of the D5 Creation Themes have come with excellent, modern and feature rich homepage.


2. Use Google analytics.

You may install Google analytics in your WordPress. This is a very important tip. It helps all page owners to define where their customers come from. Accordingly, you will develop your marketing strategy more effectively and will know the potential regions of interest, which will bring you more targeted audience.


3. Use admin directory.

You should obligatory use admin directory to protect your resource. Unfortunately, there are many hackers on the Internet and they have become a great threat for billions of online services. It goes without saying that your website will have the initial security system because it will ask username and password so that you could enter the admin area. Nevertheless, this directory will strengthen your security system.


4. Consider photography and its disposition.

In order to attract more customers, you should make your website colorful and bright. Undoubtedly, this can be reached with the help of photos and images. Make sure that all photos and images will be of the highest quality and will fully reflect your business. Additionally, show them in rows and columns. Thus, your resource will receive a better outlook.


5. Allow users to subscribe to comments.

Conventionally, when leaving comments on your posts, your visitors will have to visit it again to review. If permitting them to subscribe to comments, you will sufficiently quicken this process and your visitors will appreciate such convenience.


6. Restrict login attempts.

This is another necessity to sustain your security. By default, all users have no limits for the login attempts. Thus, other individuals receive great chance to guess the correct login and password. The restriction of possible attempts will get rid of this potential hazard.


7. Implement Gravatar image.

WordPress uses Gravatar to display the photos of the users’ profiles. Some users do not have such image. Thus, using Gravatar you will be able to select any image you wish to see on the comments of your visitors in an interactive way.


8. Add a Facebook thumbnail image.

This is a very useful tool. When posting articles on Facebook, it will automatically pick the appropriate images for them. Thus, you will not be bothered with this task and will save your time.


9. Add content to articles.

You may slightly manage your RSS feeds. You only should add content, which will be visible solely to your visitors. Thus, you can implement necessary changes or add some functions.


10. Delay post publishing.

Sometimes, we all publish some posts or articles beforehand by a pure accident. Of course, noticing the mistake you can unpublish the post or article. Nevertheless, some users and subscribers may notice it before you undo the error in RSS feeds. Thanks to WordPress, you can turn on the delay function entering a definite code. After it will be entered, your posts will be published with a delay of 10 minutes.


11. Random displaying of header images.

Another way to make your website look more original and captivating is to randomize the appearance of the header images. Thus, your resource will not be looking boring.


12. Add icons for better orientation.

Users orient on any online resource with the help of navigation menu. You can make their actions faster and more comfortable if adding icons, which will be standing next to links. Thus, your visitors will quickly go the required link.


13. Add as many authors of the posts as you wish.

You can credit all authors who contributed to the development of any article on your resource using WordPress. Thus, each contributor will be mentioned and nobody will be let down.


14. Manage your resource locally.

You may manage your website locally if installing WordPress on your computer. This is a very fast and effective method of management.


15. Display the total number of comments.

This is a very reasonable option to do. When a potential customer visits any online service, he or she will get attracted by the number of comments. If an article has many comments, the potential customer will read that article and will possibly leave a new comment. This option proves your social popularity.

As you can see, WordPress provides users with a splendid variety of options and this list contains only 15 of them. Memorize them and look for some others to turn your website into some kind of the real masterpiece. Evaluate your costs, set your future objectives and develop your resource in the most effective and correct way to enjoy success. Things become easier when using WordPress.

Author : Petra Mainer

Petra Mainer, the novice solopreneur (founder of GradeScout), studies Information Management, and writes about lifestyle and everything worth reading in the digital sphere. You can visit her blog on EssayServiceWriter

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