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Tips For How to Develop an E-commerce Website in WordPress

Considering the accelerating growth of the e-commerce market, it's natural that the number of e-commerce websites and online stores will also increase. But, remember that creating e-commerce solutions are not just limited to selling physical products (like gadgets, clothes, or any product of your interest), but rather it also makes digital merchandise sales (like multimedia, mobile apps, etc.). And so, it becomes important for you to choose a platform that enables you to sell anything from physical products to the digital goods.

Put it simply, you need a quality e-commerce solution that helps you achieve success in your online endeavor. WordPress, highly recognized as the most dominant CMS, is often overlooked for building an e-commerce site because of other specialized e-commerce platforms such as Magento and a few others. However, this scenario is changing, as more and more individuals and webmasters alike are opting to develop their e-commerce website around WordPress.

But, as a novice WordPress user, you might wonder: how to get started with your e-commerce website development project?

Below are a few easy-to-follow tips that will make you understand the process for developing a WordPress powered e-commerce site:


Choose E-Commerce Ready WordPress Themes:

First and foremost, look out for WordPress themes that support e-commerce. Opting for a pre-built e-commerce ready theme will help you set up your website in no time. You may find plenty of e-commerce WP themes online – but you need to be careful – as many WordPress themes does not look and function like the theme demo. However, D5 Creation offers quality E-commerce ready WordPress themes that will help you develop a great-looking and highly functional e-commerce website.

Below are 3 of the best D5 Creation themes, ideal for setting up your WordPress e-shop:


Premium WordPress Theme

This is an ideal theme for small-size businesses, corporate and business organizations. The best part about this theme is that it features visually appealing 3D Slide that easily captures users' attention. Besides this, it contains customizable background and other exciting options that help improve the look and feel of your WordPress site to a great extent. What's more? The theme is responsive and will look good on any device used to access your website. Most importantly, The theme is e-commerce ready and can help meet any eCommerce needs of your users.


Green Eye

If you're searching for a CSS3 powered WordPress theme that can be used for creating e-commerce site featuring a professional look, attractive and responsive design, then GREEN EYE WordPress theme is exactly what you need. The theme comes with a full width template that perfectly suit your needs to showcase your e-commerce website product or other pages.



Want a lightweight yet sophisticated WordPress theme for building your e-shop? In that case, Smartia will best fit your needs. As the name implies, it is a smart, responsive theme suited for developing small scale e-commerce website. What's best about this theme, is that it makes use of the popular and responsive “Skitter jQuery Slider” that can be used to display your product images – that looks great across all the devices.


Other Things You Must Focus On:

Once you've selected a WordPress e-commerce theme, next you must pay attention to a few considerations that helps in improving the user experience (UX). That's because a good user experience plays a crucial role in the success or failure of a site. Let us look at some of the considerations that enhances UX:


1. Use High-Quality Product Images

Shopping online can be frustrating if users are unable to see what you're getting. Of course, your users won't like to purchase products blindfoldedly, or else they might not get the desired product. And so, to make sure that users keep coming to your e-commerce site time and again, you should use high-quality and zoomable product images – that can be easily viewed by your visitors from multiple angles.


2. Write Engaging and Informative Product Descriptions

Many e-commerce site owners believe that they don't need to spend much of their time in creating content, and merely adding quality products is enough to increase sales. While it's true that an e-commerce site does not require plenty of content, but it is important that your product descriptions must be well-written and engaging. After all, users would like to know little details about your product's features. But, make sure not to write long product details and concentrate on writing short yet informative descriptions.


3. Keep Your Login/Sign-up Form Short and Simple

Many online reports conclude – that asking users to fill out more than required form fields can increase website abandonment rate. And so, it is imperative that your site registration process must be simple, containing only the most important fields.


4. Add Product Videos

Giving your users a better view of your products can help in increasing conversions. And, this can be achieved by adding product videos in your e-commerce website. Doing so, will help users understand your offerings in a better way, which eventually enables them to make an informed decision about purchasing a product.


5. Build Your Email List

Even though, social media has become one of the most widely used ways to expand business reach online, but email still remains the best tool to boost engagement with new and existing customers. And so, be sure to incorporate an email newsletter sign-up on your website. And use them for communicating about special offers, discounts, new products and other incentives that can encourage users to subscribe to your newsletter.


Putting It All Together!

It is not difficult to set up an e-commerce website, however, ensuring that your site will become successful is something that you need to worry about. With millions of e-commerce sites over the web, it becomes hard to get your website noticed among the target audience. Hope that this post will guide you in developing a WordPress powered e-commerce site – that will help perch your online business ahead of your competitors.

Author : Jack Calder

Jack Calder is a bright expert in the perfect field of WordPress. He has shared above the valuable points on developing a website using wordpress as E Commerce. Currently he is     indulged in converting psd to wordpress themes

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