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The Key to Successful Video Marketing On a Shoestring Budget

We are about to leave behind the year of PPC marketing and enter a glorious era of video marketing. With 2017, a lot of new things are about to enter the digital market and this includes video content marketing. As per Cisco’s statistics, almost 69% of all online traffic will be contributed by video marketers.

This is quite reveling after it was recently shown that a consumer is more likely to buy the featured product after watching a video advertisement. About 71% of the consumers agree that watching a video leaves them with a positive impact about the brand and its products. These are the prime factors most marketers are willing to switch over the video marketing by the time the New Year’s Eve countdown begins.

On one hand, 73% of the people studied say that they feel the urge to purchase products after watching a video, and on the other hand, making a video ad is not exactly child’s play. It requires considerable labor and capital. So let us now address the major question we almost always face while advocating video marketing.

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Why is video marketing so costly and how to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth?

A good video should be able to represent your brand, convey your message, and at the same time, uphold your immediate goal. While it may take weeks to get your message just right, it may even take months of post-production detailing to make the video effective. Video marketing should be seen as an investment rather than an expense, but even then, you can check a few points to make sure that your spending is optimized.


Search and research

The easiest way to make sure that you are not spending your money to remake someone else’s video is to do your research. Get your creative teams to search for similar topics on advertising and video archives to make sure that your content is unique. Then get the think tanks together and decide what exactly you want out of your video. Do you want to make it for pure entertainment, do you want it to be educational or do you simply want your product to sell more.

Next figure out who your target audience is. This is a very important process in deciding the content of the video. It’s very simple, what will appeal to a sixteen year old will hardly ever attract a 60-year-old. You can visit our site for doing some research, and look into a few leading marketing video types to make sure that you stay at the top of your game.


Run surveys and conduct polls

We are not telling you to go all girl-scout and knock on doors for answers. You can simply dig into a little bit of history to find out what kind of video works with your target audience. The easiest way to appeal to your users is to find space for user-generated content. The process is very simple — you just need to ask and edit. At the end of the day all you need to remember is to formulate a release agreement that grants you all rights of the content to be used during your (video) marketing content or you will be in trouble soup.


Let go of a few actors

We may like to believe that big names buy us big sales, but that doesn’t work if you cannot drive the message home. So if your video can be animated why spend hundreds of thousands on actors who will spend no more than 10 seconds on the screen with your products? While it’s true that people relate to people more than dry products, it is also true that a well animated video has more post-eval impact as compared to traditional videos.


Drive the point home

Unless you are another Google, no one will spend more than 30 seconds watching your ad. So, instead of going for building a prologue and then introducing your characters, you need to go for a more straight forwards message. It might come as news to you, but the harsh truth is, your audience will give just 8 seconds to judge you. So, better be nifty and better be smart! Try making shorter videos that get to the point by the first 8 seconds. Check out a few of the leading online commercials and video campaigns on YouTube. Almost all the top ranking videos have very short runtimes and very high views.


Don’t be shy of promoting your own content

The lion’s share of your marketing budget should go for building a solid promotions strategy. Choosing the right platform can make all the difference to your ROI. YouTube is one of the best platforms for getting your content out to the world and to the right audience without overlooking your budget. Did you know? YouTube is the second largest search engine by volume and it follows Google closely in terms of user traffic.

The best way to get all the attention on a platform is to optimize your video title for that platform. For example, YouTube prefers videos with works like “tutorial” and “how to” in their titles. This may also get you a position in the first page of Google SERPs for related keyword searches. Do not forget to make your videos parts of blog content and social media pages. Smart re-purposing saves you a lot of money and boosts your CTRs.


Conclusion: Never compromise on quality

Sometimes working on a shoestring budget may make you lose sight of the larger picture. But you must remember never to compromise on quality even with a tight video making schedule. Production quality and the quality of narration are what keep audiences engaged throughout the length of a video. A good quality video with subpar narration is simply pouring money down the drain. So you need to focus on the content, narration (audio) and the production quality to make sure that your video quality appeals to your target audience.

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