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Nine Ways to Get High-Quality Backlinks to Your WordPress Site

The way SEO specialists work these days has dramatically changed. It is no more enough to add the most relevant keywords and just wait for results. Today’s SEO is a complex strategy that requires a multi-level approach. Ahrefs is only a part of it, while backlinks are quite an essential cell of a general promotion strategy.

Modern days search engines usually check the network for backlinks, considering it as a signal of authority. It means that providing your WordPress website with backlinks will significantly help you in your promo campaign. What a good SEO specialist should worry about is how to provide a site with qualitative ones, instead of adding links from any website that comes into your mind.

What are the backlinks? These are the links that are added to some other sites but are directing people to your website. For example, if you publish some good article on your site and suddenly see that lots of other sites want to repost it by adding a link to your site, so it is a backlink. Why are they so important? They are evidence to search engines that your website is trustworthy and has authority around the web. Also, it proves that your content is good enough to be used by others.

The backlinks are generally good to use for SEO because they usually cost you nothing or almost nothing. Besides, they are generally relevant and attract relevant traffic to your site. Finally, they typically come from reputable sources, which is really good when promoting your WordPress based website. And that’s where the catch is – you have to make sure that the backlinks come from reputable and trustworthy sources. But how to achieve this?

That’s what this article is about. Let’s see how exactly a marketer can get high-quality backlinks for a WordPress site – nine ways to get them, to be precise.

Guide Posts

Offer your audience something they will gladly repost. Usually, it is something that contains ”HowTo”, guides, and other useful information. Make it brief yet informative and interesting. Tips, pieces of advice, or step-by-step guides composed in lists are the best ones. The secret behind this is an opportunity for other websites to use your expertise for their benefit. They will gladly post such an article and add a link to your resource.

Make a Tutorial

Tutorials, especially regarding some topics you can’t find anywhere else, are always an excellent example of an article that people will gladly share. Do you run a WordPress website? Well, make a tutorial on how to work with it, or how to modify it according to your needs. A live training, an ordered document, or even an intelligible infographic, these are the pieces of content people will gladly take from your side and will add a link to it on their resources. Before starting to develop one tutorial, make sure yours will be better than others. As mentioned before, it is always good to be the first who has created such a tutorial.

Work on Your Content

If you are the first to write about something, it is great. People will have no choice but to share your text and add a link to your website. Being first also means that search engines will get you indexed first, thus attracting more traffic. Make sure you are the one providing people with either fresh news or the most interesting texts. Hire a specialist who can write magical texts or a professional who will provide you with content that everyone likes to share. And, please, never invent fake news. Eventually, it will decrease both your ranking and your trust rate.

Guest Articles

Basically, it is the same content you might want to write on your website. The only trick is that you write it for someone's else site. If you do so, a site owner will probably let you embed a link to your blog or website. The alternative here is to ignore adding links at all and just insert one into your bio. People will read your article, click your name to see if there is something more, and will see the link and follow it, and that’s all you need. And as soon as a website raises its authority rate, this backlink will attract more traffic to you.

Run a Blog

Another excellent opportunity to have lots of links from an authority website is to run a blog on that website. You’ll advertise your own site and have as many backlinks as you want. What is even better is that you’ll get full control over those backlinks, editing, adding, or deleting them at any moment. Make sure you plan your blog content thoroughly because you might require something bigger than short posts and brief “HowTo” guides. Another thing to consider is the periodicity of your publications. Try not to annoy people and take this blog seriously, because it can be a formidable source of traffic or a reason for a big headache.

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Comment Niche Blogs

Why just run a blog, when you can add relevant comments to plenty of other blogs as well? Search for niche blogs, relevant to your agenda, and add reasonable comments. If you can start a discussion, that’s even better. Do not add links to your website mindlessly, take time and turn the tides the way that you only have to add a link to prove you are right. That’s it, and no one deletes it because it is a proof or a link to a guide, or any other type of useful link. Make sure you leave comments in relevant blogs; otherwise, you’ll become a spammer, and such kind of backlinks could be harmful to you.

Do Not Neglect Long Reads

We were talking of a short-form above. That’s not the only way to attract people and to make them repost your texts. Another option is to create some sort of a long read. Ebook, a vast manual, a white-paper can be even better than small guides. Make sure you pick a topic that is really worth writing and reading. No one will read a huge bloated text about things that are not worth reading more than 30 seconds. Think of what you can offer to those people who will repost your article. A manual on how to build a computer from scratch is a good idea. A very long article containing the comparative analysis of sizes of doughnuts is not.


There are some average chances that people generally love reviews. You can put it at your service, making reviews literally on everything. What is better is that people these days often ask you to write a review on their product or service. You can always ask those people to include a link to your site as a sign of gratitude. And yes, it is not such a good idea to create several reviews and to wander around, putting those reviews everywhere you can reach, from blogs to comments. We don’t want you to spam everywhere, just get the relevant backlinks.

Social Media Activity

According to Google’s policy, they can’t use social media as a ranking factor for websites. But it doesn’t mean you can’t use social media activity to boost your backlinking. Share your articles on Facebook and encourage people to share your content. Moreover, you can use discussions to attract people and eventually make reposts with your link inbound. Another great way is to participate in discussions that are relevant to your area of interest and share people’s content on this topic. People will notice it and, in their turn, will share some of your articles, thus unwillingly creating new backlinks for you.


Backlinks can do you a lot of good, increasing the amount of traffic on your website. There is nothing wrong with using the methodic we’ve described in this article, none of them are shady or misleading. These are the secrets used by professionals, and now they are at your disposal. A network of high-authority backlinks can bring you lots of profit. All you have to do is to create it. Hope this article will ease this task for you.

Got any other ideas on how to get high-quality backlinks to your WordPress site? Feel free to share your thoughts with everyone in the most convenient way. Good luck!

Author : Marie Barnes

Marie is a Marketing Communication Manager at LinksManagement. She is an enthusiastic blogger interested in writing about technology, social media, work, travel, lifestyle, and current affairs.

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