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Optimizing Your Website for WordPress Development

Almost a quarter of all websites are running on a WordPress platform. And this is for a good reason; WordPress has a significant number of dedicated developers who work year round to enhance the system’s efficiency with better features. This web platform is also known to have a loyal user base.

If you are a regular user of WordPress who is eager to learn more about the best possible ways to run a WordPress website or you are just a newbie or a beginner this article is for you. You will learn about managing content, installing WordPress, working with domains and how to use great themes and plugins to secure your website and make your content stand out.

This post is basically designed for those who are new to building a WordPress website yet willing to do this on their own from scratch. Due to its uncommon simplicity of usage, extensible functionality through the use of plugins and the excellent features it possesses, WordPress has risen to become the most widely used web design platform for DIY website builders or developers.

The information contained here will help quite a lot of people, including

  • Ordinary individuals looking to own a blog or website
  • Corporate organizations and company owners
  • Writers and book authors looking to own a web platform to showcase their work
  • Singers and musicians desiring to build a following
  • Artists and performers who are looking to have more exposure online
  • College graduates seeking employment
  • Entrepreneurs working both online and offline
  • Small and medium scale business owners

Basically, almost everyone needs a website. Whether you own a Fortune-500 company, a business organization, a non-profit organization or you are just an ordinary individual, you simply need a website to communicate your products or services to a waiting audience. If you are looking for an easy, cheap and simple yet effective means to support your online endeavors, you need to consider taking up WordPress development. Whether you want to build a simple website or restructure a complex site, this CMS platform can be used to achieve your goals.

There is a lot to take in here but don’t sweat it if you don’t understand everything mentioned in this post. Nothing is particularly difficult; all you need to do is to take just one step at a time. You are not the first person on the planet to come across WordPress development and you won’t be the last. So, don’t be scared to get your hands wet and experiment; this is how others learned it.


Learn the Basics

Before you start worrying about domain names and color schemes, the first thing you should think of is the website platform you want to use to build your website on.

Before now, websites were built with Cascading Styles Sheet (CSS), HTML (code) and even Flash. Apart from the fact that they were tricky to master, these programs took a lot of time to learn. That’s why most people still think that it is difficult to create a website right from scratch as it seems to require a lot of coding and design skills. However, this is no longer the case. It’s different now.

Today, content management systems, popularly known as CMS have not only made the task of creating websites easy but has also made it accessible to everyone who is interested in learning and owning one. A content management system is simply a website building platform which anyone (professional developers and ignorant beginners) can use to build and design a working website.

Like WordPress, a content management system is designed as a user-friendly platform for managing online content and building interactive websites. Rather than applying a bunch of codes to create loose HTML pages, anyone can now use a website building platform to build their own website from scratch.


Why developers should use WordPress

It is a good thing to consider developing your website around the WordPress platform especially if you are trying to re-design one or create a new website. WordPress is indeed, one of the most popular tools available for blogging of which many people have found to be synonymous with blogging.

As an enhanced management system, WordPress provides full flexibility, enormous power, and ease of use. To this end, it has gained a great reputation among website owners as a versatile option for designing good looking and highly efficient websites for both commercial and personal purposes.

If you are seeking to build a website on your own or you want to employ the services of a creative web design company to get the job quickly done for you, here are some great reasons why you should consider WordPress development.



With WordPress, there is no need to hire a web designer, as it allows you to carry out necessary changes with ease. It is very easy to add new content to your website. Due to the simplicity of its interface, virtually anyone can use it. Although basic training is recommended, however, there is no need for advanced training to properly use the software.


Versatile Themes and Plugins

Every WordPress user is provided with a wide range of Themes and plugins which are essential for the success of their websites. One good thing about this feature is that these plugins and themes are out rightly free to use. With these plugins, you can easily get your social media accounts integrated into your blog or website.


Free and Popular

As a cool feature, WordPress is free with high quality and good support. As a result, WordPress has become so popular among many bloggers and website owners. According to statistics, 1 in 5 newly built sites is made only on this platform. WordPress is virtually everywhere, as numerous sites ranging from personal blogs to huge corporate websites are constantly being built on it.


Search Engine Friendly

Search engines can easily find their way around your site and index it when it is built on WordPress, due to the way it structures your site. With WordPress, you do not need to introduce your site to Search Engines, they will automatically find your site and index your new content because WordPress generates RSS feed that makes them look for you.


Admin Control

It is very easy to provide your partners or webmasters with admin privileges when you use WordPress. While streamlining control over your website, WordPress can help you set strict permissions, by granting access to members to certain pages and limiting admin control over certain areas of your blog or website.

These are just a few things you can do with WordPress. If you are looking to use this CMS on a more professional level, there are quite a good number of WordPress web development companies out there that can help you.

Author : Melissa Crooks

Melissa Crooks is Content Writer who writes for Hyperlink Infosystem, a mobile app development company that holds the best team of skilled and expert Indian app developers. She is a versatile tech writer and loves exploring latest technology trends, entrepreneur and startup column

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