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Excellent Wordpress Theme

Why You Should Redesign Your Small Business Website into WordPress

Do you have a small business? Not sure why everybody says that WordPress is a perfect choice for your website? What would you say if we name 5 rock-solid reasons why you should migrate to WordPress?   Ok, let’s start with a little bit of history. The creation of WordPressRead More

Serure WordPress Site

8 Simple Ways to Secure Your WordPress Sites

Being on the Internet- the virtual world is the necessity of this ever so expanding modern world. From costing a fortune, just to be on the Internet, to using simpler and cheaper tools like WordPress or Tumblr, the internet has come a long way. WordPress, which started as a bloggingRead More

WordPress Loop Hack

12 WordPress Loop Hacks You Can Do Without Plugins

The loop is a critical element of the WordPress system without which a site will not work properly. It is essentially a PHP code that the system uses to display content, so it’s the main process. Tweaking this set of powerful functions may result in some even more advanced possibilitiesRead More

Page Builder D5 Creation

Live Drag and Drop Page Builder for D5 Creation Themes

You may know that all of the D5 Creation Themes are WordPress Theme Review Team Approved and Free Themes are listed at Now a days Drag and Drop Page Builder is becoming very popular for custom design for pages and posts. You can give individual look to your pagesRead More

SEO and Web Design

How Combining SEO and Web Design Can Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Page rank is everything when it comes to marketing your business online. Sure, it’s important to have a website that looks great and serves as a hub for your customers, but one of the most critical aspects is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). If you overlook this while you focus onRead More

Responsive WordPress Website

Why do you need Responsive WordPress Website for your business?

People are using mobile devices for just about anything that could be done on the desktop these days such as surfing the net, checking email, social media engagement, and online shopping. On the other hand, there is a staggering growth of mobile devices – from smartphones to tablets – acrossRead More


Starting a Business Website? Here are Some Ideas on WordPress (WP) Themes

There is no denying that the internet is the future of business. If your brand doesn’t have any form of online presence, then you are fast hurtling towards collapse. Whether you are a local store or a major brand in a big city, you have to appreciate the power ofRead More


7 Fundamental Practices of using WordPress Tags & Categories for SEO

When it comes to organizing your WordPress website, categories and tags are one of the most important factors that play significant role. These can help your website to get better ranking on search engines and will definitely give you a boost in terms of page views.   With the properRead More


Complete Guide to Using the Plugin ShortCodes Ultimate

Created by developer Vladimir Anokhin, the ShortCodes Ultimate WordPress Plugin is one of the most popular wordpress plugins, gaining a consistent rating of 5 stars and a staggering amount of 600 000 and counting active users. This elicits the question: Just what does this plugin do that makes it thisRead More


8 WordPress Design Trends That Dominate in 2017

It is imperative that you hop on these trends? Will you be left behind like a website that still uses scrolling text? Will your website be abandoned like a website that plays a non-stop loop of the same tune? No, you will not lose viewers if you ignore the trendsRead More


Pros and Cons of WordPress Multisite – how to install Multisite with local XAMPP

WP Multisite (previously known as Multi-user (MU)) means a network of WordPress sites. This is a core feature that enables you to create and execute many sites, from a single installation of WP. Once you are there anybody can sign up and have their site or blog. This is possibleRead More