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Create a WooCommerce Order Form for Increased Conversions

Getting a steady flow of qualified leads into your sales pipeline is truly the lifeblood of any business, large or small - particularly when you have invested time and money in creating an outstanding WordPress website, a proactive SEO campaign and a sustained social media campaign. A WooCommerce Order Form Plugin is necessary for you.

Imagine having your 'stall set out', only to find that customer leads are too few or too flimsy to keep your business growing - or even going!

Companies don’t just need customers. They need the right customers and they need to grab them sufficiently “hard” to take them all the way through to a positive transaction - preferably upselling as they go.

Your online order process can be the linchpin. Lots of people think about elements such as wording and button color when they look at how to optimize their store's conversion rate. An often-overlooked way to improve conversions is to use a WooCommerce order form plugin to create a more intuitive, agile and effective customer experience.

Why Use a WooCommerce Order Form Plugin?

Ultimately, a website's success can be judged on whether it truly “earns its keep”.

An order form page listing your products is the start of a sales relationship between you and your online customer. It should drive them subtly - but effectively - to a positive transaction.

WooCommerce Product Table is an order form plugin to help you to convert an “interested” customer into one that buys from you and buys more. So, let’s look in more detail at how it differs from the default shop front, and the benefits it can bring in terms of online retailing success.

Better Product Presentation and Browsing

The advantages of a WooCommerce order form plugin largely hinge on its structure. This includes offering a longer list of product fields to choose from, compared to the standard WooCommerce shop interface.

The standard WooCommerce shopfront provides a grid to display three or four products on each row. This includes space for a title, a description, price and a large featured image, as well as the Add to Cart button. Customers can click through to a specific product page to get more details before they place the product in their cart.

Contrast this with a WooCommerce order form plugin such as WooCommerce Product Table. It creates a structured table of individual product profiles, in a linear style. This means images are smaller, and more products can be listed effectively. It also allows for additional functionality, including personalization menus, sort options and filters.

For example, you can add dropdown filters and widgets above or alongside your product table. Customers can search and select by category, tag or attribute - or even custom fields and taxonomies.

Having more options offered at this early stage in the buying process – in a clear and attractive way - means customers are more likely to tick the boxes and get the ball rolling on sales. With a order form plugin, they also have more flexibility to search for what they want, and to personalize products, creating an enhanced customer experience.

Tuned In To Buying Behavior

Apart from having more products displayed (100% more than on the standard format) the order form plugin lays out product data according to buying behaviour. The layout of the WooCommerce order form guides customers easily from product to product. It’s based on extensive studies of how online users generally browse and interact.

This includes providing the option for customers to see the contents of their shopping cart directly on the page. Add your WooCommerce order form to a page with a Cart widget in the sidebar. As the customer shops, the cart widget updates instantly. It shows subtotals and order totals in a transparent way. Click-through to final checkout is therefore a quicker and more streamlined process.

You can even use it to skip the whole shopping cart entirely (just tick this option in the WooCommerce settings). This allows you to build a WooCommerce one-page order form to give customers a single point to select and checkout.

Easy for Website Owners to Manipulate Product Data

Having more products displayed on your WooCommerce order form is great, as long as it is possible to tailor this to your specific online store.

Some order form plugins are unwieldy and overly complex, particularly if site owners aren’t massively tech-savvy but need to update their products themselves. E-commerce companies can feel like they must change their products to fit the shop layout, instead of the other way around.

A order form plugin such as WooCommerce Product Table is user-friendly and easy to manipulate. This includes options to show or hide certain products, choosing which ones to list on order forms. You also need full control over which columns of data to include in the order form. There is even a lazy load option, to create a faster order form load time for WooCommerce store owners who have large product ranges.

WooCommerce Product Table is a great plugin to help to create a WooCommerce quick order form, allowing you to tailor your online retail site to your company’s portfolio and business aims.

Another way this WooCommerce order form is intuitive and controllable is in its ability to segregate public and private product categories. Used in conjunction with other plugins - such as WooCommerce Password Protected Categories – you can easily modify which customers can see which products. This is particularly valuable if you want to create a “membership”-style WooCommerce customer login function, or you need a wholesale order form.

Speeding and Smoothing Customer Interaction

A WooCommerce quick order form clearly speeds up the buying process, which is attractive to the customer as well as the site owner. A seamless and swift interaction is better for both parties, and is more likely to increase customer satisfaction (and bring them back to buy again).

How Easy is a WooCommerce Order Form Plugin to Use?

The WooCommerce Product Table order form plugin is an easy way to tailor each ordering system to a specific business need. For example, you can easily adjust features such as column and product image sizes, responsive priorities and description length. You can create multi-section order forms, consisting of multiple product tables divided by a subheading for each category.

The process for actioning orders is the same on the standard WooCommerce shop front. Site owners can update products just as easily too, and the order form will update automatically with no manual data entry. You can also incorporate multiple payment gateways using the options built into WooCommerce itself.

Barn2 Media have published a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a WooCommerce order form.

Which Sites Benefit from a WooCommerce Order Form?

A order form is a valuable addition to any e-commerce site that needs to optimise the buying process for customers. It's fast, particularly as it makes it possible to create a WooCommerce one-page order form, to give customers an “at a glance” buying experience.

However, it’s also great for e-commerce ventures with customers who are unclear on what they want. It helps by layout out more product options and providing ways to search more effectively and personalize their orders to a greater degree.

Is it suitable for Bulk and Wholesale Ordering?

The bulk order form plugin is also popular as a WooCommerce wholesale plugin, including repeat and regular sales. Customers can see more products on display and can quickly navigate around to add items to their order. The multiple selection process replaces the standard add to cart buttons with checkboxes. Wholesale users can quickly click multiple products and add them to the cart.

A more traditional form layout can appear too spread out and overly simplistic for customers who want to dip into online stock and add multiple items swiftly to their shopping cart. WooCommerce Product Table can solve these problems by showing extra product data and current stock levels directly on the order form page.

WooCommerce Order Forms for Specialist Stores

As already mentioned, a WooCommerce order form plugin makes it possible for the WordPress developers to create a tailored solution for their customers. Site owners can also make their order form their own, in a way that builds their sales pipeline.

This is especially true if you have a company with an extensive stock of products.

The standard form limits you in terms of what you can show on screen at any one time. A WooCommerce order form plugin gives you chance to display more items from each category and enables the site user to search easily to pin down products of relevance.

This also makes it a great development tool for restaurant ordering websites, for example. The customer experience is similar to having a full menu in front of them, but they can use the enhanced search function to get to the dishes they prefer.

If your company – or the client you are developing a site for – has products that lend themselves to being personalized, this too is far easier with the WooCommerce order form plugin. WooCommerce Product Table fully supports product variations and the official WooCommerce Product Add-Ons plugin. This means that your order form can include adding wording to a joke T-shirt to selecting items for a luxury hamper.

Who Doesn't Need a WooCommerce Order Form?

This sort of order form plugin isn't for everyone. Some developers and site owners may prefer to stick to the standard WooCommerce shop layout.

This is particularly true if the company's product range is small. Having more space and fewer items per page could look better than a more linear structure.

Also, it could be that your product offering relies heavily on the imagery used to sell it, in which case the larger format photos on the standard WooCommerce shop front can be beneficial. WooCommerce Product Table lets you choose the size of the images in the order form, but you lose many of the benefits if the images are too big. For example, a specialist clothes store might be better off with the standard store layout - whereas other types of store can sell more with an order form layout. It all comes down to how many products you stock, and how many you need to sell to underpin profitable growth.

Better Order Forms, More Successful Sales

If you're looking for ways to sell more, and guide higher number of sales leads into completed transactions, then a WooCommerce order form plugin is a vital weapon in improving conversions.

WooCommerce Product Table is one of the most popular order form plugins out there. It has all the features you need to create a sales-winning order form layout which will work with any WooCommerce store.

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