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Excellent Wordpress Theme

5 Great Reasons Your Blog Needs A Premium WordPress Theme

Today, blogging has taken many businesses to great heights, and a successful marketing strategy associated with it has helped procuring high profits for both small and large business owners.   Creating a WordPress blog is extremely easy and you don’t essentially need to have extensive computer knowledge to get theRead More

WordPress Performance Optimization

5 WordPress Performance Optimization Tips for your Sites

Page loading speed is directly proportional to the success of any website. If your website loads slowly, it may drive your visitors away. Slow page-load speed can not only be frustrating for the users, but it may also lead to higher bounce rate and site abandonment. Now-a-days website performance alsoRead More


5 Excellent Reasons Why You Should Choose PHP for Web Development

PHP has gained huge popularity in the present times by being  customizable yet easy to maintain web designing and development platform. Being an extremely favored server-side scripting language, PHP is being used for developing feature-rich websites having top-notch functionality. The creation of dynamic, interactive, reliable, secure and efficient web pagesRead More


Top 10 WordPress SEO Questions that You Need to Ask Today

WordPress is undoubtedly the hottest platform for websites and blogs today. This is the simplest form of website development that does not require any knowledge of coding and website designing. But there are quite a few things you need to know before you implement WordPress for your website(s). That beingRead More


Where are We Headed with the Website Design Optimization for VR And AR?

2016 has proven to be the year of the grim reaper, and as 2017 approaches, we wait with bated breath to see what the New Year has in store for us. It seems that Google is waiting for another massive update which might just go live in 2017. With HummingbirdRead More


The Key to Successful Video Marketing On a Shoestring Budget

We are about to leave behind the year of PPC marketing and enter a glorious era of video marketing. With 2017, a lot of new things are about to enter the digital market and this includes video content marketing. As per Cisco’s statistics, almost 69% of all online traffic willRead More


Introducing new Multipurpose One Page Theme Beauty and Spa

Beauty and Spa is designed mainly for the Beauty Parlor, Beauty Saloon, Spa, Massage Parlor etc. but it can be used in various purposes because it is very Flexible, User Friendly and Elegant. This Theme is Responsive! Unlimited 3D Slides with 35+ extra Slide Effects, Unlimited Featured Contents and Boxes,Read More


Key Considerations You Have to Make When Picking WordPress Themes

WordPress has revolutionized the web development process. Developers no longer need advanced coding skills to work on a website nor do they need to spend a lot of time coding. WordPress provides a platform that is more of drag-and-drop. Anyone with a basic understanding of computers and web development canRead More


How to Convert WordPress Website into Mobile App For Free ?

Sometimes converting a WordPress site can prove to be valuable for your online business.  In the last 5 years, people have rapidly switched from accessing content from mobile phones to accessing content via portable devices like Smartphones and tablets using their app. Therefore converting your site to an app canRead More


Do you know how to pick CRM Tool for your WordPress?

Great customer management is key in the building of a strong business. Customer satisfaction will help businesses make higher profits but that is based on their relationship. Keeping close communication with customers will enable you to enact and implement strategies that will boost your profitability. Know how to pick aRead More

Social Networking for Business

How to Expand your Business through Social Networking

In the recent years, social networking has evidently revolutionized the use of internet. The social networks that are domineering today began as simple sites years ago. However, as the years went by, all these networks were redesigned to help the users share their thoughts and ideas as well as connectRead More


Noteworthy SEO tools that should not be overlooked

The performance of SEO is based on how accurately it usesassimilated data and information. SEO has turned out to be an integral part of marketing activities and for small business it is also one of its best friends. For small business, often SEO is the only marketing resource that isRead More