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How To Select The Robust & Excellent WordPress Theme That Indeed Works?

Majority beginners feel confused when it comes to the selection of a Robust & Excellent WordPress Theme for WordPress website development. There are thousands of free and premium options available in the market that makes the decision even more complicated. Each theme gives “WOW” effect to users and consists ofRead More


Tips to Protect WordPress site from Image Theft

Image theft has been a common problem from a while now. It is always easy to copy or download someone else’s creation available on the Internet that too without seeking their prior approval. The Image search feature of different search engines and photo sharing sites have empowered users to stealRead More


5 Tips to Make your WordPress Website Mobile Friendly

Mobile web is continuing to leave past desktop web. Naturally, it is important for webmasters of website development companies to consider design primarily for mobile users. If you have a WordPress website converting the experience for mobile audience requires a few important considerations. When it comes to customer centric webRead More


How Your WordPress Website Should Change in 2017

  If you are like most entrepreneurs, you probably breathed a sigh of relief the day your website launched. Whew. That is one less task on your to-do list. However, in terms of maintaining your WordPress website, it can also mean certain necessary updates may get overlooked or even leftRead More


Top Reasons to Build Your First Website Using WordPress

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world.  So certainly, if it’s that popular, it’s worth considering it when you’re designing your website. There are countless successful businesses that launched their websites on WordPress, and in this article we’ll talk about the most important reasons whyRead More


The birth of a blogging platform superstar, WordPress CMS

Released back in 2003 as an offshoot of a fairly successful blog engine called b2/cafelog, WordPress quickly started gaining market momentum and eventually propelled to the stardom of CMS systems to fuel a colossal number of sites, large and small, around the world. Throughout its 14-year history, the software hasRead More


Effective and Impressive Website for Users Engagement

A website has changed the way we live, conduct business, and communicate. You can create a website to share your feelings, ideas, or thoughts with the world, or develop it for business, education, sports, travel, gaming, politics, foods, movies, careers, cars, health, medical, dating, fashion/style/beauty, nature, or anything you wantRead More

JavaScript AJAX

JavaScript – AJAX: A Boon to WordPress Developers

AJAX, also called as Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, helps in communicating well with the server-side scripts. It enables to dynamically load the content without reloading the page. JavaScript AJAX can be treated as a combination of CSS, HTML and JavaScript code. It allows designing a code by the developers whichRead More


Choose the Right Theme: 5 WordPress Themes for Better Business

Despite the old saying, it’s obvious that people do, in fact, judge a book simply by its cover. When you choose a WordPress theme that doesn’t quite gel with your niche, it can drive people away. When it doesn’t quite look right, it can confuse people, or worse, make themRead More


5 Myths About WordPress

The rapid development of internet technologies allowed to streamline the process of website development. WordPress is self-explanatory as it’s one of the best content management systems in the world.   Despite its obvious advantages, there are people who think WP-websites have a plenty of downsides. Actually, it’s an ordinary course.Read More


How To Achieve Success Through SEO Based Bulk Email Marketing Process

Search engine optimization is an integral part of every business getting performed online. Search engine optimization or SEO is basically a collection of different marketing strategies to promote your business web portal in the virtual world in the best way possible. With the right kind of SEO strategies, your businessRead More